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  • 7:00 PMVitamin D's 10th Annual World Peace Fest feat. Steph Hayes, Dangerous Ponies, Emily Bate, Vitamin D3, and more
  • 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM Admission is FREE The 10th Annual World Peace Festival has finally arrived!  After several years of commitment to creating community events, Vitamin D Productions has a spectacular event with a line up like none other before!  Each year, Vitamin D tries to connect different styles of music & different age groups of performers to create a non stop four hour event! Over the years, the event has showcased world music, jazz, dance performances, acoustic solo, punk and various styles to try and mix it up on stage and make it an event you won’t forget.  This year is no different!  Our explosive line up promises to be one of our best one thus far! If you want a FREE night out, a night with music that will sooth your soul, capture your heart and make you dance your butt off,  don’t miss this FREE, ALL AGES EVENT!  There will be vendors and Cafe’ Con Chocolate will be serving a light fare of mexican snacks. (if you're a vendor, contact for more info) Our line up of performances include: Emily Bate is holding up traffic at the intersection of many genres: she makes folk music with irony, indie singer songwriter fare sweetened with choral music, and jazz with only her ukulele in tow, all heal together on her strength and expressiveness of her voice.  Her lyrics tackle childhood political struggle, queer sex, and love, often in the same breath.  She frequently tours on public transit with her uke by her side, these days focusing on electric guitar on yet another journey in her career! Michelle Saul-Yamasaki and Fermin Santiago 3rd, also know as F & M Duet - Latin jazz is the soul of their music. Their music reaches out to your heart with a romantic voice, played by violinist Michelle, and is accompanied by a smooth, harmonious piano, Fermin Santiago the 3rd. Their music is not only romantic, but also filled with cool improvisation and up-beat songs that brighten up your spirit. These two talented young adults have been playing together ever since they met in middle school. Their inspiration for Latin Jazz comes from their Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. They love their audiences and love for them to sing along and enjoy their music, since the audience is their biggest inspiration. “We really see and feel like the audience is our family,” they say, so they play for fun and with love. They have played in numerous Latin events, and many other cozy places, like Café Con Chocolate. For all music lovers, this is the F &: M Duet. Stephan Hayes is a well seasoned performer with many faces! Stephan's journeys on the road and in real life have been, to say the least, most interesting! Currently playing in several bands, Stephan has managed to take some time out to go into the recording studio and work on yet another CD, soon to be coming your way! Her accomplishments as a singer/songwriter and poet are still a "work in progress. Chasing Arethusa - “Chamber Punk.” “A love story with a sidecar, Joe P. who became a luthier, fell for Eleanor P., he built her a viola.  The raised Abby P. from a freshly dug grave. The name Arethusa was spotted on a street sign in a cemetery.  Turns out Arethusa is a water nymph who hails from Greek mythology.” Mia Johnson, Erin Ryan and Stephan Hayes, also know as 2.5 “Women” - Mia Johnson is one of our locals who has been setting up shop all over this town with her musical endeavors.  This latest 2.5 group has performed Mia’s songs, covers, and on occasion a Stargazer tune! Vitamin D 3 - Vitamin D has been writing songs 4-ever, but was never big on stage performances, but with Chrissy Tashian & Stephan Hayes by her side she has decided to show her face!  Working on a cd titled “hAlf mY aGe & sOmeWhere in bEtween” is in the works! Six O'Clock Saints defines why genre labels are limiting and trivial. Listen to them and hear an eclectic mesh of rock, hip-hop, punk, and traces of metal. Sound in Stone are a folk rock blues jazz kind of everything band taking influences from across the board and across time. Bruce Lucy is a Philly quartet of keys, guitar, bass and drums that believes in the power of a pop chorus, stickers, the magic of back-up vocals, dancing, and fun. They’ve crafted a sound rooted in 50s and 60s doo-wop and pop stylings that is filtered through instrumentation with heavy tones reminiscent of punk and 90s rock. And the night wouldn’t be right without The Dangerous Ponies - The Dangerous Ponies is a 7 piece queer and allied band from Philadelphia, slathered in gold and rainbows. They play pop/rock/carnival hijacked by kindergarteners' music where everyone sings. They are designed to make electric sing alongs, and rock dance along jams to melt your face. Emily Bates Michelle Duet Stephan Hayes Chasing Arethusa Mia, Erin & Stephan Vitamin D 3 Six O’Clock Saints Sound in Stone Bruce Lucy Dangerous Ponies
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