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  • 6:00 PMBlack History Celebration by Aging Gracefully Productions/J Wilson Group, LLC
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM Aging Gracefully Productions/J Wilson Group, LLC Presents Black History Celebration Program 6pm-10pm Honoring Our Ancestors with: V.Price-V. Renee School of Dance M.A. Gordon-Author (Binky’s Words) K. Anderson-Pollen Burst Energy Drink And Free Pharmacy Discount Cards M.A. Ricks-Author (The Blood Done Signed My Name) W .Saunders and Special Guest-Tuskegee Airmen W. Wilson-Bey-ABU Fashions Sheryl-Fragrance Lab Free Sample Skin Care Gift to First 50 Attendees Dr Tim Nierman-NU-Stop Program Sean Boogie and Yahmeen- (Schwarzenekkaz) Spoken Word Zak-Lzar Fashions Rep. James R.Roebuk-188th Legislative District (Eye on The Prize-Voter Rights) Film Shorts- HIV/AIDS, Anti Violence, History of Philadelphia Graffiti, Discussion Gratitude and Appreciation to All Participants ymamamamie@aol.com slyartmasters@aol.com Fundraiser / Free Will Offering
  • 8:00 PMLe Mirage/Dead City Philly starring psycho-celtic glam-blues band Sylvia Platypus
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Janet Bressler has worn many hats, literally and figuratively, but none more dramatic than the "psycho-Celtic glam blues band" Sylvia Platypus. On SP's new self-titled EP, Bressler's girl-Iggy voice leaps furiously and tenderly over Bill Barone's crunching guitars and Charlie Rutan's bagpipes, while her rhythm section churns like Raw Power -era Stooges. Though they touch on gypsy jams and punk paeans, Bressler saves room for ballads and drinking songs on "Pass the Tankard, Wench."  --- A.D. Amorosi  Philadelphia City Paper December 22, 2011 Contact Janet Bressler 267-625-8801 www.sylviaplatypus.com sylviaplatypus@sylviaplatypus.com "Psycho-Celtic" Band Brings Back Rock Opera for One Show Only; Multi-media Extravaganza Continues to Evolve (Philadelphia,  PA- For Immediate Release) On February 2, 2012, Sylvia Platypus, Philadelphia's (and possibly the world's) only psycho-celtic glam-blues band will appear at The Rotunda for a return performance of their original rock opera.  Debuted at the 2011 Philly Fringe Festival, "Le Mirage/Dead City Philly" is the tale of a young widower obsessed with a woman who resembles his dead wife.  Based in part on Georges Rodenbach's 1892 novella "Bruges La Morte",   this multi-media production features elements of theatre, dance, video, and music. The band's memorable songs serve as a Greek chorus to the narrative. "Those who witnessed our Fringe Festival run, know what they saw," says Janet Bressler, vocalist and principal songwriter for Sylvia Platypus.  "Those who weren't there- well, they missed something special.  But here's a chance to join us on our journey through 'version 2', as we keep expanding the audience experience." Take vocal mannerisms reminiscent of Edith Piaf and John Lee Hooker  and combine them with a stage presence that is equal parts James Brown and Judy Garland, and you have some idea of  Bressler's lead-singer style . Add the  soul-searing Waddy Wachtel-meets-Brian May guitar work of  Bill Barone (formerly of the '70's era German symphonic rock band "Wallenstein) , the heart-stirring musical textures of  award-winning composer  and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Rutan on highland and uilleann pipes, tin whistles, English horn and Neopolitan zampogna, and the take-no-prisoners rhythm section of  Michael Southerton on rhythm guitar, Ruchama Bilenky on bass, and Rosalba Gallo on drums and you get a six-piece outfit (three men, three women)  that delivers a tough and tender genre-busting impact. Formed a little over one year ago from some likely, not-so-likely and purely serendipitous alliances, Sylvia Platypus' visionary scope and fearless presentation is attracting increasing attention from the music industry. They have recently signed a publishing deal for the film and TV placement of some of the compositions that are included in "LeMirage/Dead City Philly". "We'll be bringing out dancer Lesley Berkowitz (from the acclaimed 'Water Bears in Space') to portray he ghost, and introducing more Philly-centric  imagery from local photographers and videographers for the visuals," says Bressler. "This is an ongoing process as we continue to enhance the work to epic proportions." "Le Mirage/Dead City Philly" A Rock Opera by Sylvia Platypus Admission is $10. Buy tickets HERE
  • 8:00 PMFive Minute Follies presents
  • 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Five Minute Follies presents THE MARRIAGE EQUALITY CABARET a benefit for FREEDOM TO MARRY The Marriage Equality Cabaret is now officially a benefit for Freedom To Marry. All door proceeds will go directly to Freedom to Marry to support the struggle for Marriage Equality. Buy your tickets early and save! General Admission is $12 until Jan 7th, 2012 ($15 after). Get your tickets now at http://fiveminutefollies.ticketleap.com. We’re still looking for a few great acts to add to the bill. If you sing, dance, do magic, tell jokes, do sketch comedy, juggle, whatever — and you support the cause — send video of your act (as links or an attachment) to michaelsubvert@msn.com. PERFORMERS INCLUDE: Comedian Jess Carpenter Singer Songwriter Crystal Cheatham Singer Nathan Nolen Edwards The Lords of Liechtenstein Comedian Alejandro Morales The Parodivas Chrissy Pryor MORE TBA
  • 8:00 PMFive Minute Follies presents The Marriage Equality Cabaret
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Five Minute Follies presents The Marriage Equality Cabaret start time, acts TBA
  • 3:00 PMFantasy Weavers Fundraising Concerts/Bake Sales
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Fantasy Weavers Fundraising Concerts/Bake Sales! February 5 at 3pm and March 2 at 7pm benefiting September performances Fantasy Weavers Original Theatre and Opera for Children and Adults is a non-profit theater group that specializes in charitable events for underprivileged, at-risk children and adults. With unique themes such as fantasy and science fiction, our musical plays and operas are open to everyone, especially those who may not have the money to go to a live Broadway Show or Metropolitan Opera performance. We produce and perform children's shows free of charge at any school that has limited or no access to the arts. These fundraiser concerts are to benefit our upcoming Philadelphia Fringe Festival production "Sephro: The Vengeance," to be performed at The Rotunda in September. This is a tale about aliens (From the Planet of Sephro) and Earthlings working together to fight for a common cause; freedom from the bondage of slavery to a terrible evil that threatens both planets. The opera is fully written and composed by Kate Quinn and will present some of the most well-known artists in and around the Philadelphia area: Eve Edwards James R. Longacre John Rudolph Dorothy Cardella(Stage Director) Carla Mariani(Musical Director) Come support this show by attending two fundraising Concerts, each lasting approximately 90 minutes to two hours; Sunday, February 5th, 3pm and Friday, March 2nd at 7pm at the wonderful Rotunda! You will hear beautiful singers like Dorothy Cardella, Eve Edwards, Dennis Kalup, Raja Vaidya and even the lead singer from "Medusa sings the Blues!" They and many others will perform works by composer Kate Quinn as well as works by other contemporary/classic composers, including themselves. There will also be a Bake Sale during the concert, for those who like a little something sweet to go with their enjoyment of the music! Piano Accompanist for February 5th: Carla Mariani Piano Accompanist for March 2nd: Joseph Krupa Suggested Donation at the door: $25 per person. Bake sale items no more than a dollar each For More Information: call 610-389-9572 or email hazelkate67@msn.com to speak to Kate Quinn. Visit Fantasy Weavers' website by going here: www.fantasyweavers.org
  • 7:00 PMFrom Image to Action: A 3-Part Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop; jan 24, jan 31, feb 7
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM From Image to Action: A 3-Part Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop Tuesdays: 1/24, 1/31 & 2/7  • 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Suggested Tuition: $25–$45—no one turned away! To pre-register, call 215-730-0982, or email “tophilly@gmail.com”. The stage is a place where we rehearse reality: what we do onstage we may strive to do in everyday life. In this series, the group will use the language of theatre to identify societal oppressions and create dramatic models for dismantling them. We’ll then strategize ways to transform our dramatizations into concrete actions. What we learn and make in this workshop will be supplemented with take-home readings written by others who use Theatre of the Oppressed in different ways all over the world. Note: We ask that participants commit to coming to all three sessions in this series.
  • 8:00 PMAndrew's Video Vault screens Samson and Delilah (1949) + Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days (1975)
  • 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM 2012 SCHEDULE JANUARY 12 The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947 / 99 minutes) Moody psychological thriller starring Humphrey Bogart (cast against type) as an unstable painter caught in a murderous and bizarre love triangle with Barbara Stanwyck and Alexis Smith. Directed by Peter Godfrey. The Strange Love of Molly Louvain (1932 / 73 minutes) Michael Curtiz directs Ann Dvorak as poor country girl adrift in the city and on the lam in this sordid pre-Code crime drama. Co-starring Lee Tracy and Leslie Fenton. Based on the play, Tinsel Girl by Chicago source author, Maurine Dallas Watkins. FEBRUARY 9 Samson and Delilah (1949 / 131 minutes) Cecil B. DeMille’s lavish biblical spectacle presents Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr as the titular characters, an Israelite and a Philistine who destroy each other. Co-staring George Sanders and Angela Lansbury. Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days (1975 / 99 minutes) A cosmic, witty and epic biblical pastiche from Artie & Jim Mitchell, the creators of Behind The Green Door. MARCH 8 Girlfriends (1978 / 86 minutes) Claudi Weill’s comedic drama of two mismatched roommates, a photographer and a writer, in late-1970s New York City. A favorite of Stanley Kubrick, who remarked that it was one “of the very rare American films that I would compare with the serious, intelligent, sensitive writing and filmmaking that you find in the best directors in Europe… It seemed to make no compromise to the inner truth of the story.” Screenplay by Vicki Polon. Windows (1980 / 96 minutes) Legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis’ only movie as a director is a dark and twisted thriller starring Talia Shire as a menaced woman and Elizabeth Ashley as her obsessed, voyeur neighbor. APRIL 12 Rubber (2010 / 82 minutes) “Careful Where You Tread!” An abandoned tire with telekinetic powers seeks revenge. Stars Stephen Spinella, Wings Hauser and Roxane Mesquida. Written and directed by Quentin Dupieux. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977 / 77 minutes). An unusual horror film about a demonic bed that consumes anyone who lays on it. Written and directed by George Barry. MAY 10 The Music of Chance (1993 / 98 minutes) James Spader and Mandy Patinkin are gamblers out of their league forced to pay off their gaming debts by building a wall made of stones. Co-stars M. Emmet Walsh, Charles Durning, Joel Grey, Samantha Mathis and Chris Penn. Directed by Philip Haas. Based on the novel by Paul Auster. All I Desire (1953 / 79 minutes) Actress Barbara Stanwyck stops over in the smalltown she left behind ten years before to visit the family she deserted and weigh her choices. Directed by Douglas Sirk. JUNE 14 The Red House (1947 / 100 minutes) Delmer Daves directs this rural, noir psychodrama with supernatural overtones starring Edward G. Robinson as a one-legged farmer trying to control the urges of his teenaged daughter. Brother Orchid (1940 / 88 minutes) After an assassination attempt orchestrated by new mobster king-pin Humphrey Bogart, aging racketeer Edward G. Robinson reinvents himself as a monk. With Ann Sothern and Ralph Bellamy. JULY 12 Vibrations (1967 / 75 minutes) A writer, moonlighting as a typist, moves into a New York apartment with her up-tight sister and is drawn to the secret cult next door. Directed by Joseph W. Sarno. Fluctuations (1970 / 70 minutes) Grindhouse avant-garde stream of consciousness sexploitation directed by Joel Landwehr. Submission (1969 / 73 minutes) A ménage a trois leads to a robbery plot, sexual confusion and unexpected double crosses in Allen Savage’s movie. AUGUST 9 Carny (1980 / 107 minutes) Eighteen year old Jodie Foster runs away from home and takes up with two carnival hustlers played by Gary Busey and Robbie Robertson. With Meg Foster, Kenneth McMillan and Elisha Cook Jr. Music by Alex North. Girl on the Run (1953) Offbeat noir murder mystery set at a burlesque show on the midway. Features Frank Albertson and, in his big screen debut, Steve McQueen. SEPTEMBER 13 Dementia (1955 / 56 minutes) A nightmarish, dialogue-free film noir, with an amazing George Antheil score, follows a gamin though the shadowy streets of Venice Beach, California. The only film from director John Parker. Freud (1962 / 120 minutes) Director John Huston biopic casts Montgomery Clift as the famous Viennese psychoanalyst and follows him from 1885-90 as he formulates his theories of the Oedipus complex. Based on a screenplay by Jean-Paul Sartre. Photographed by Douglas Slocombe. OCTOBER 11 * * * * Two silent movies directed by Tod Browning with live musical accompaniment from Lincoln vs. The Moon (Jen Lightfoot and Ed Dymek) * * * * The Unknown (1927 / 63 minutes) Wanted murderer Lon Chaney poses as “Alonzo the Armless Wonder.” Falling in love with unstable and phobic Joan Crawford, he becomes enraged when a strongman becomes romantic rival, setting the stage for an unforgettable Grand Guignol climax. The Unholy Three (1925 / 86 minutes) A sideshow ventriloquist (Lon Chaney), a little person (Harry Earles), and strongman (Victor McLaglen) flee the carny life and form a perverse crime family operating out of a pet shop. Based on a novel by Tod Robbins, the author of “Spurs” the story that inspired Browning’s movie Freaks. NOVEMBER 8 Pericles on 31st Street (1962 / 60 minutes) A young Sam Peckinpah directed this entry in “The Dick Powell Show,” based on the novel by Harry Mark Petrakis. Features Theodore Bikel, Carroll O’Connor and Arthur O’Connell. The Man with Two Heads (1972 / 80 minutes) Writer/director Andy Milligan’s chaotic, angry and insane version of “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” shot on location in England. DECEMBER 13 Rienzi – Der Letzte Der Tribunen [Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes] (2010 / 156 minutes) Philipp Stolzl and Christian Baier’s revision of Richard Wagner’s infrequently performed third opera (1842) about civil war in Rome. From the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Admission is FREE to all screenings. Screenings are continuous from 8pm.
  • 9:00 PMPhila. Sci Fi Society hosts novelist Catherine Asaro
  • 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM PSFS hosts Nebula Award winning novelist Catherine Asaro The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (PSFS) is a non-profit organization that meets to discuss and promote science fiction and fantasy in literature, the arts, and popular culture. Membership in the society is open to everyone. Becoming a member is easy. Attend your first meeting; we'll say "Hello." At your second meeting, you can nominate yourself for membership or ask someone else to nominate you. At the next meeting you attend following your nomination, you're eligible to be voted in as a General Member. Our current dues are $36 for a full year ($60 for couples). Attendance of 4 meetings each year maintains the status of Active Member. General meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of each month and feature a guest speaker involved in some area of Science Fiction or Fantasy, such as writers, editors, artists,etc. See Meeting Notices for more information. Sponsored events, such as The Philadelphia Science Fiction Conference (AKA Philcon), are held throughout the year. Other special interest events, are also sponsored by the society, such as the Book Discussion Group, which meets monthly to discuss a work of science fiction or fantasy; and the Special Events Group, which attends science fiction and fantasy movies and other events.
  • 6:00 PMLovers' Rock Philly, The Flyest Jam on the Planet
  • 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM It's time to walk down the aisle, say "I do," and tie the knot at The Flyest Jam on the Planet: LOVERS' ROCK! Brought to you by the Incomparable Undastudies and the Legendary Sesion 31 2 vs 2 Bonnie & Clyde battle for $300 plus roses and chocolates Plus... The Flyest Dressed Couple in The Building competition for $200 Providing the soundtrack to your magical night: DJs @Large, ILL-Literate, and the Supa Genius Freddy Blast Hosted by the Best Man, Fame One $5 for fly human beings, kids under 12 free
  • 6:00 PML.Y.F.E. Dance Company pres. On Pointe for the love of the Arts
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM L.Y.F.E. Dance Company presents “On Pointe for the love of the Arts” benefiting Love Arts Foundation, On Pointe Dance Company and L.Y.F.E. Dance Company exploring the world of dance as a major vehicle for change and cohesion amongst communities. This event will serve as a fundraiser focused on supporting and uplifting communities that are often forgotten and underrepresented. The showcase will feature several types of creative arts, yet mostly dance. Entry will be $20, as our goal is to raise awareness and money for all three organizations presenting. ABOUT THE ORGANIZATIONS LoVeArts LoVeArts Foundation, founded in 2006 by Vanetta Wood and Vonetta Boggs, is dedicated to fostering children’s interests and education in the arts. Rather than seeking funding through grants and scholarships, they believe it's more beneficial for children’s education to be supported and directly funded by their community. In their effort to support this goal, they regularly host a series of performance showcases to raise funding for dance school scholarships, visual arts classes, music lessons and acting lessons. Performers are asked to participate solely out of their love of children, the arts and education. On Point Student Dance Company Based out of Pointe Flex Dance Studio, On Pointe Student Dance Company, Inc. is a nonprofit traveling dance company for the youth. The students are instructed in various dance forms and are instructed in many forms of dance and are taught pieces that are performed when invited to events. For the past four years, they have been commissioned to dance at Disney World, Carnival Cruise line, Kings Dominion, ABC Boscov Thanksgiving Day Parade, community events, churches and competitions. *Both of these organizations are free of charge to students and run off of donations from the community. L.Y.F.E. Dance Company L.Y.F.E., which stands for Live Your Fantasy Everyday, is the host dance organization of this showcase and consists of dancers representing the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia in addition to dancers outside of the LGBTQ community. L.Y.F.E.’s goal is to create positive connections within the LGBTQ community and their allies through the art of dance. Specializing in all forms of dance including hip-hop, jazz and modern, L.Y.F.E has performed at Philly OUTFEST, PHILLY DYKE MARCH,Philly Black Pride Kwanzaa celebration, Stimulus Winter Wonderland Ball and many other events throughout the tri-state area. Entry will be $20, as our goal is to raise awareness and money for all three organizations presenting.
  • 6:00 PMFriends of 40th Street General Meeting--all are welcome
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Friends of 40th Street General Meetings Dates for 2012 are as follows: Monday February 13, 2012 Monday May 21, 2012 Monday August 20, 2012 Monday November 19, 2012 All meetings will run from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Great things are happening in West Philadelphia! On Monday, February 13, 2012 the Friends of 40th Street meeting will be dedicated to presenting updates on the various planning efforts that are underway in West Philadelphia. Join us to learn about: •     The Lighting Plan for 46th and Market. •    The Peoples Emergency Center Neighborhood Planning Process. •    The HUD Choice Neighborhood Planning Process happening in Mantua. •    The Revelation Outreach Community Center's plan to convert land at 39th and Haverford into the Walter Lundy Community Center. Also: Bring your neighborhood or organizational updates and announcements to share. The Friends are residents, businesses, institutions and non-profits working together to improve the 40th Street corridor and its surrounding area. All community members and business owners are encouraged to attend ! **Opportunity Alert** If you Live in Zip Code: 19139 or 19104 SCI-West has a great opportunity for you to earn $30.00 for taking a survey! Come to the Friends of 40th Street Meeting to learn more.
  • 7:00 PMA Tribute to the Dragon Lunar New Year: Poet-Tree en Motion Winter-Spring 2012 series
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Poet-Tree en Motion Winter-Spring Performance Series A Tribute to the Dragon Lunar New Year Featuring: * Plum Dragoness & the Elements playing compositions from the new CD “Live @ The Rotunda” Plum Dragoness & the Elements combines live instrumentation (Jazz, Dub/Reggae, Hip-hop, Afro-Brazilian, African highlife and Irish folk traditions) with performance poetry/spoken word/vocal expressions and multi media projections. The visuals, "words & music dance & shift from playful to serious, from relaxed to hurried... movement is summoned from the listener" -- Tamika Williams-CCP Review * DJ Lina Luv Spinnin’ deep frolics in the grooves of eclectic, global, booty-shakin beats About Plum Dragoness "Her voice is soothing, her body language entrancing and her messages amazing." -- Lindsay Gallagher-Art Therapist PLUM DRAGONESS/GABRIELLE DE BURKE- a native of West Philadelphia is a multi--talented thespian, dancer, poetess and writer who has been involved with the performing arts  since childhood. In 2000, she earned her BA in Theater from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA), with an exploratory concentration in African Dance, World Music & Jazz Voice. Since 1999 (while in college), she studied/trained/performed as apprentice in Chinese Internal/Martial Arts with the Spirit Wind Internal Arts Society in (Philadelphia, PA). This interest in the healing arts further helped lay the foundation from which she learned to extract & create theatrical works that express her passion & strength for writing, directing, choreographing & performing her work. She is well known for her poetic style, vocal performance and choreographic flair throughout the Philadelphia area & abroad. In addition to her solo work, Gabrielle was a founding member and core performer from 2001 to 2006 in the theater company ArcheDream (now known as Archedream for Humankind). As a core member she performed, choreographed, created costumes, initiated the ongoing annual fundraising drive/auction/performance events, as well as acting as assistant-artistic director which led to her choreography & performance being featured at prestigious local venues such as the Kimmel Center, the Whittaker Center, the Annenberg Center for the Performing arts  & the Kennedy Center in Washington. D.C.  In 2007 she began forming the live world music & spoken word/poetry project known as “Plum Dragoness & the Elements” (often featuring live VJ/visual projectionists). In December of 2010, the debut studio Album “Renaissance of a Poetess” was independently released by “Plum Dragoness & the Elements” with compositions & sound engineering by Emmy Awarding Winning Music Producer Rodney Whittenberg of Melody Vision studio. Currently the band working preparing for the release of the album of live recordings called “Live @ the Rotunda”  scheduled to be released in the February of 2012 (Year of the Dragon). The Elements/Musicians in the project currently involve Elliott Levin (Animus), Larry Connely (One), Larry Toft (West Philadelphia Orchestra), Jon Espo (The Rockers) & Ali Richardson (Text Rich). Highlights from Plum Dragonesses’ early tour history includes featured solo & group performances at; the Global Roots Festival in Toronto, Ontario, locally by the Philly Fringe Festival for the event “Hip-Hop to da Head” at the Painted Bride & “Extracted Measures”, plus in Baltimore, Maryland w/ the Mesa Pegasus theater at the Ultraworld festivals, collaborations with ArcheDream theater company on “the Shamyn’s Breath” which toured from 2003-2004 & her role on tour with live music collaboration of “One Dream” from 2005-2006, in the annual AIDS Benefit event for Keystone Hospice at the FUMCOG with J’ai Alvin Chestnut in 2005, at WXPN’s World Café for the Women’s Fest in 2006. In 2007, she began a performing arts residency at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia where she books artists, organizes & performs in the ongoing season performance series “Poet-tree en Motion.” About The Elements ELLIOTT LEVIN- As an artist, he creates compositions & performances through flutes, saxophones & words. Born and based in Philadelphia., Pa., he pursued early studies with Michael Guerra (legendary saxist/clarinetist of Phila. Orchestra under Stokowski); and composer/flutist Claire Polin (collaborator with flute innovater William Kincaid).  Studied music and creative writing at the University of Oregon. His later studies took place with masters-pianist/improvisor/composer Cecil Taylor; and then with saxophonist/improviser/composer Odean Pope-that led to long time relationships of performing and recording with their ensembles. As a member of many groups in Philadelphia/NYC area over the past 30 years, he has continued to work with his own ensembles as well including INTERPLAY Ensemble, NEW GHOST, The PHILADELPHIA PHENOMENA to name a few...(collaborating with artists such as Rick Iannacone,  Ed Watkins, Ron Howerton, Keno Speller, Marshall Allen, Tyrone Hill, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Calvin Weston,  and many others). LARRY TOFT (a.k.a. Tofty)-the Trombone Player, has the ability to quickly adapt to each musical moment puts him in high demand as one of Philadelphia’s ubiquitous trombone players. He is well versed in Traditional Jazz, Bebop, Avant-Garde, Salsa, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Classical and Balkan Brass Band styles. He is a graduate of Temple University’s Esther Boyer College of Music where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with a Jazz Concentration. He studied with Tyrone Breuninger (formerly Associate Principal Trombonist of the Philadelphia Orchestra) as well as Don Collins and Luis Bonilla. Larry has performed with Johnny Pacheco, Jimmy Heath, Lalo Rodriguez, Jon Faddis, Johnny Rivera, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Steve Coleman, and Freddy Bell. He has performed in various casinos in Atlantic City, NJ and Niagara Falls, Canada. Larry has also traveled and performed in numerous countries in Europe including Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Bosnia. He is currently a member of Bobby Zankel’s Warriors of the Wonderful Sound, West Philadelphia Orchestra, Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society, Combo Melaza, Cultureal, Puzzlebox, John Vanore and the Abstract Truth, New Pony, Extreme Fishkin, Nu Directions Chamber Brass, Napoleon Dolemite and the Signifyin’ Monks, Soul Fuego, Perseverance Jass Band & Plum Dragoness & the Elements.  He  also composes/arranges for his group, the Life Nektar Ensemble. LAWRENCE CONNELLY (a.k.a. Larry Connelly)–This dynamic Philadelphia, Pa. based drummer, husband, father of two, singer, teacher, eternal student hones his drum-skills playing live Drum and Bass, dub-step, electronica, world, reggae, rock, alt. rock,  & hip hop beats. He plays drum set, djembe, congas, dumbek, darbuka, dohlak & all styles of music. Larry has been playing drums for over 20 years. He’s studied with Buddy O. in Levittown Pa. Played in many bands in the Philadelphia area including "one"," Architects of Acoustics", "Mind Ova Matter Soul Under God" (a.k.a. "MOM SUG DOJO")," Solar System", "Ryan Olah",  “Plum Dragoness & the Elements” & many more including a few Emmy Winning Artists. ALI RICHARDSON (a.k.a. Text Rich)-He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Ali Richardson is an MC, Musician & Arts Educator. He currently resides in West Philadelphia, a vibrant and diverse community which serves as his home-base for teaching, creating, and performing music. As a co-founder of CODA Program, Ali is also lead facilitator for the Hip-hop Jazz Musicology and The Drum Circle workshops. Musically and artistically, Ali blends Hip-hop, Jazz, Blues, and World Music into his performances and plays several musical instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and percussion. Mr. Richardson enjoys teaching and working with all ages and academic levels in efforts is to create a world where youth and elders can sing together, learn together, and teach together. Ali has worked in collaboration with numerous talented international & local Philadelphia artists, some of whom are featured in his most recent solo music project & the debut CD “Acoustic Truth” under the stage name “Text Rich” where he beat boxes, plays guitar, sings & rhymes! JONATHAN ESPOSITO (Jon Espo) He is a multi instrumentalist best known for his work on bass guitar. He has played with many local Philly (PA) groups including musicians from across the globe learning indigenous and modern styles. A lover of all styles mainly, hip hop, funk, jazz, rock, electronica, afro-beat, reggae & all else in between. He has been a performer all his life. Before getting a bass at 13 he was doing dance performances for his family. He also plays synth, drums and percussion, guitar, flutes, vocals, melodica, ukelele and whatever he can get his hands on kitchen sinks included:) He has worked with local groups: Plum Dragoness and the Elements, Mighty Paradocs, The Thirst Quenchers, Jojolo, Ragastones, Unity Push, Local Dub, Infinite Giants & new projects on the horizon. He can be found playing at jam sessions, performing onstage, recording  in the studio, sometimes out deep in the woods or in someone’s kitchen. Jon lives for music! More about Poet-Tree en Motion This FREE event series, which has grown out of Plum Dragoness and the Elements' residency here, presents a diverse range of dance, movement theater, live & electronic/acoustic music, poetry/spoken-word, story-telling, performance art, object manipulation, fire play, live visual art & VJ projections! A completely different show each time! Unlike nearly any other series in the city, Poet-Tree en Motion remains open to artists of all genres, from veteran performers, to youth, to otherwise emerging artists---local and national acts alike. Taking cues from the diversity in Plum Dragoness and the Elements, Poet-Tree en Motion continues to support performing and visual artists of all stripes, from the ground up, illustrating how unique and yet interconnected all artists are. March 21st : In Honor of National of Her-story Month * Barajagala the American Tribal Style Bellydance influenced by folkloric & traditional belly dance, with Flamenco stylizations * Monica Day Performance art that often ponders the intimate & sometimes comic moments where our real lives vary from the Hallmark card & romance novels lives of our imagination * Hillaria Goodgame poetry, song, live music & dance-the evolution of black woman's identity & control in society * The Femmes Trio of sis-starz merging forces w/ fresh beats, mystic vocals, rhymes & lyrical poetics (Facebook/GoldenLover, /Lady Omni & /Plum Dragoness) * MOM/Music Over Matter the dynamic all Female Philadelphia based drum ensemble April 18th: Paying Homage to National Poetry Month * Rosemary Cappello Poet & Editor of Philadelphia Poets, will read some of her latest material * Mel Brake awarding-winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer & arts educator shares some of his written works * Greg Sirfir Local poet presenting his savvy comedic pieces of word-power for the people * Elijah B.Pringle, III Philadelphia based poet, editor & publisher * Plum Dragoness where lyrical performance poetry meets in a dance w/ the spoken word/Collaborators TBA * Special guest performance poet TBA May 16th: Fire Rite Celebration & Spring Fundraiser Festivities more TBA
  • 8:00 PMBowerbird pres. Lichens w/ Jean-Sebastien Truchy, Tom Carter, Daniel Bachmann; part of Gate series
  • 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM Bowerbird presents the Gate series Featured this month: LICHENS w/ Jean-Sebastien Truchy TOM CARTER DANIEL BACHMAN Curated by Chris Forsyth. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is an artist and multi instrumentalist working with voice in the realm of spontaneous music, often under the moniker of Lichens. Most recently his focus has been on creating pieces for modular synthesizer and voice. Robert has collaborated with Ben Russell, Ben Rivers, Rose Lazar, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Tarek Atoui, Ben Vida, Mark Borthwick, Lucky Dragons, Alan Licht, Michael Zerang, Doug Aitken, Patrick Smith, Lee Ranaldo, White/Light, Kevin Martin, Chris Johanson, Tyondai Braxton, David Scott Stone, Genesis P-Orridge and Rose Kallal, as well as many others. Tom Carter's solo electric guitar work sculpts a richly varied landscape of immensely-stacked grit and beauty, weaving interlocking strands of visceral melody into towering (and often high-volume) long-form drones. Born barely south of the Mason-Dixon line, and just in time for the Summer of Love, Tom Carter led a decidedly non-hippy existence being shuffled around various farm and mining towns in Maryland and Ohio by his newspaperman father, before finally making his way to Texas in 1985, just in time to watch all the good hardcore bands die. Already obsessed with American pre-punk and British post-punk, Carter dove into the lysergically spiked musical waters of Texas with both feet, augmenting his guitar skills with unreliable instruments, cranky analog electronics, and disintegrating practice amps. Over the ensuing decades, he managed to forge his evolving ideas of complete tonal immersion (and the quest for the perfect fuzz tone) into a layered sonic toolkit of rough beauty and unrefined proficiency. Recently, Carter has focused on his work with free-rock improvisers Eleven Twenty-Nine (Carter, Marc Orleans, and Michael Evans) as well as his solo performances and recordings, which have increasingly featured visual components- including collaborations with filmmakers Martha Colburn and Margarida Garcia. He currently lives in New York City. Carter has released dozens of recordings in every available format for many different labels, including kranky, Digitalis, Eclipse, Important, Root Strata, and 3-Lobed. His most recent solo release is available on his own Wholly Other imprint, which he has operated since 1995. Daniel Bachman is a guitarist formerly of Fredericksburg Virgina, now residing in Philadelphia. Bachman's first two recordings were issued under the name Sacred Harp, after which he began performing and recording under his own name. Bachman has toured the US extensively over the past three years, most recently completing a three month tour with fellow guitar player Ryley Walker in support of the duos last release together. Admission is FREE
  • 6:00 PMCANCELED; next one is on 3/17/12 Philly Youth Poetry Night and Open Mic
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM This event has been CANCELED. Please come to the next Philly Youth Poetry Night and Open Mic on SAtyrday 3/17/12 at 6pm. Hosted by PYPM Hear the youth speak! The Philly Youth Poetry Movement (“PYPM” or “The Movement”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping the youth of Philadelphia discover the power of their voices through spoken word, literacy, and progressive workshop facilitation. The Movement, founded by “UnLitter Us” poet Greg Corbin, provides a safe space for at-risk, empowered youth ages 13-19 to use their voice to promote social change, leadership, cultural diversity, and build self-esteem. Admission is $7 for youth, $10 for adults.
  • 8:00 PMPhiladelphia & Delaware's New Era of Musicians Showcase
  • 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Philadelphia and Delaware's New Era of Musicians Showcase Featuring some of the hottest musicians from the Tri-State Area, who have toured with the likes of Travie McCoy of the Gym Class Heros, Nicki Jean, Carrol Riddick, Freddy Washington Jr., Smokie Norful, and Dave Hollister. You don't want to miss this amazing event, as these Musicians shake up a new level of musicianship and creativity. also featuring V4texx Music Group 2012
  • 10:00 PMThe Gathering
  • 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM (nearly every last Thursday) Established in 1996, The Gathering is the longest/strongest-running truly Hip Hop event in Philly. The Gathering IS b-boys/b-girls, pop-lockers, emcees, graffiti writers, DJs, men, women, and children of all ages enjoying an organic, community-based celebration of The struggle, the Love, and the culture of Hip Hop. DJs spin Hiphop, breaks, and funk all night, and there are open cyphas, a tag wall, and a featured performance and graffiti panel each month. Admission is $3
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM It is with Pride & Honor that we present SYMBIOSIS™  "The FINE ART of Entertainment"™ SYMBIOSIS literally means "together life" referring to the fact that often we cannot thrive without each other. It’s time to Celebrate, Reconnect and Re-Ignite the Flame that burns in each and everyone one of us to continue to make the Greater Philadelphia area and our entire world a better place. It is in this spirit, that we wish to recognize & celebrate the outstanding people of the Greater Philadelphia area for their contributions to the betterment of The Arts. These are individuals who have distinguished themselves in their careers and/or community service. They have shown leadership in business, their professions, as well as nonprofit, volunteer & charitable efforts. They are recognized because they are some of the most actively involved and dynamic people in the Tri-State who, in turn help to promote the qualities that have made such an outstanding place in which to live and work. The 2011 - 2012 Honorees include: Sony "The Host" PJ Owens of The Kingdom Agency Sandra Turner-Barnes Te' V Smith Seff Al-Afriqi Blu Dahlia D. Wiggins Productions Tomika Jordon Vision of PYPM / Harvest 215 SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUEST: BROTHER MARCUS from Praise Philly 103.9 FM * SYMBIOSIS™ "The FINE ART of Entertainment"™ is seeking your help raise money for 10 mini-grants of $300 for low income artists in the Greater Philadelphia area. Sponsorships are available, including Media Sponsorship Packages. Inquire at: SYMBIOSISCommunity@gmail.com Founder - Celandra Rice Prince of Princess & Prince Events Co-Founder - Rachel C Watson of Sojourn Exposure Design Mission Statement: SYMBIOSIS aims to create an experience that is transformative, based on a respect for our community and The Arts. We seek to provide an environment for the fusion of aesthetics, sound, and natural living, in an interactive atmosphere. SYMBIOSIS supports the cultural vitality and economic development of the Greater Philadelphia Region by strengthening the partnership between business, The Arts and cultural community.
  • 2:00 PMTwo Piece Fest V, day 1: 9 hours, 20 bands
  • 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM TIMES OF BANDS LISTED BELOW SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! PLEASE VISIT http://twopiecefest.com/ FOR UPDATED LINEUP! This thing's been going on for about 5 years now and we're super psyched about it. 2 piece fest is on the horizon. This line up of 2-person acts is diverse, from folky rock to punk to hardcore to pop punk to free jazz, and more. DAY ONE!!!! - 2/25 SET TIMES 2:10-2:25 - Great Red Spots 2:30-2:45 - My Nation Underground 2:50-3:05 - Eric ‘n Eric 3:10-3:25 - Delorean 3:30-3:45 - TROLOLO 3:50-4:05 - Lagomasino/Fishkin 4:10-4:25 - RASPUTINS SECRET POLICE 4:30-4:45 - Moral Crayfish 4:50-5:05 - Omar 5:10-5:30 - Shell Shag 5:30-6:30 *** DINNER BREAK *** 6:30-6:50 - PAK 6:55-7:15 - Peter & Craig 7:20-7:40 - Forrest Kingdom 7:45-8:05 - Double Rainbow 8:10-8:30 - Deer Gear 8:35-9:00 - Jabberjosh 9:05-9:30 - Trophy Wife 9:35-10:00 - Norwegian Arms 10:05-10:30 - Erode and Disappear 10:35-11:00 - 1994! DAY 2!!!! - 2/26 SET TIMES 1:10-1:25 - HUGE PUPILS 1:30-1:45 - Holy Death 1:50-2:05 - Tooth Decay 2:10-2:25 - Dads 2:30-2:45 - PRIME HOMELESS TIME 2:50-3:05 - Heavy Medical 3:10-3:25 - Pheramones 3:30-3:45 - HIRS 3:50-4:05 - Best Friends 4:10-4:30 - HULK SMASH 4:30-5:30 *** DINNER BREAK *** 5:30-5:50 - DUST FROM A THOUSAND YEARS 5:55-6:15 - Slutever 6:20-6:40 - Bubonic Bear 6:45-7:05 - Unstoppable Death Machines 7:10-7:30 - Global Guttts 7:35-8:00 - Ken South Rock 8:05-8:30 - FAT HISTORY MONTH 8:35-9:00 - Weekends 9:05-9:30 - The Joint Chiefs of Math 9:35-10:00 - Slingshot Dakota Admission is $8
  • 1:00 PMTwo Piece Fest V, day 2; 9 hours, 20 bands
  • 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM TIMES OF BANDS LISTED BELOW SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! PLEASE VISIT http://twopiecefest.com/ FOR UPDATED LINEUP! This thing's been going on for about 5 years now and we're super psyched about it. 2 piece fest is on the horizon. This line up of 2-person acts is diverse, from folky rock to punk to hardcore to pop punk to free jazz, and more. DAY 2!!!! - 2/26 SET TIMES 1:10-1:25 - HUGE PUPILS 1:30-1:45 - Holy Death 1:50-2:05 - Tooth Decay 2:10-2:25 - Dads 2:30-2:45 - PRIME HOMELESS TIME 2:50-3:05 - Heavy Medical 3:10-3:25 - Pheramones 3:30-3:45 - HIRS 3:50-4:05 - Best Friends 4:10-4:30 - HULK SMASH 4:30-5:30 *** DINNER BREAK *** 5:30-5:50 - DUST FROM A THOUSAND YEARS 5:55-6:15 - Slutever 6:20-6:40 - Bubonic Bear 6:45-7:05 - Unstoppable Death Machines 7:10-7:30 - Global Guttts 7:35-8:00 - Ken South Rock 8:05-8:30 - FAT HISTORY MONTH 8:35-9:00 - Weekends 9:05-9:30 - The Joint Chiefs of Math 9:35-10:00 - Slingshot Dakota Admission: $8
  • 6:00 PMFood Justice Movie Night screens What's on Your Plate?
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM The Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) presents Food Justice Movie Night screening this month: What's on Your Plate? This movie offers a fresh look at where the food YOU eat comes from. Join us for a FREE dinner and discussion about the food system in urban areas! Monday, February 27.  Doors and dinner at 6, movie at 6:30. For more information about AUNI, please visit www.urbannutrition.org. Please email YDassistant@urbannutrition.org with any questions.  We would love to see you there!
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