• 8:00 PMDave Patten - album release party for Gone
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Dave Patten's album release party for his new album Gone. Physical copies of Dave's new album Gone will be available at the show! Doors open at 7pm, the show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $5; buy them HERE Download Dave's albums on iTunes below
  • 7:00 PMFantasy Weavers Fundraising Concert/Bake Sale!
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Fantasy Weavers Fundraising Concert/Bake Sale! Fantasy Weavers Original Theatre and Opera for Children and Adults is a non-profit theater group that specializes in charitable events for underprivileged, at-risk children and adults. With unique themes such as fantasy and science fiction, our musical plays and operas are open to everyone, especially those who may not have the money to go to a live Broadway Show or Metropolitan Opera performance. We produce and perform children's shows free of charge at any school that has limited or no access to the arts. We are the little theater group that brought the Philadelphia community “Becky Butterfly and the Story of the Wayward Wasp,” a children’s show which teaches the importance of accepting differences in others and ending bullying.  This show was performed last October, 2011, for three consecutive Sunday afternoons. All our shows, be they for children and adults, have life lessons that can be taken home.  “Sephro” teaches honor, family loyalty and true love, and that sometimes we need to fight for these things, but in the end, it is all worth it.  “Planet Discord” teaches the importance of opening one’s mind, even to impossible things, and to be careful who you trust.  Also, there is a power greater than ourselves which will always manifest when we need it most. Come support the making of all future shows by attending a Fundraising Bake Sale/Music Concert on Friday, March 2nd at 7pm at the wonderful Rotunda! You will hear beautiful singers like Dorothy Cardella, Eve Edwards, Raja Vaidya and even the lead singer from "Medusa sings the Blues!" They and many others will perform works by composer Kate Quinn as well as works by other contemporary/classic composers, including themselves. There will also be a Bake Sale during the concert, for those who like a little something sweet to go with their enjoyment of the music!  Piano accompaniment is by Joseph Krupa. Suggested Donation for the concert is $10.00 per person, but all donations are appreciated.  Bake sale items are $1.00 for a slice of cake or pie (or two cookies), and there is the option to buy a whole cake or pie, for only $10.00. For More Information: call 610-389-9572 or email to speak to Kate Quinn. Visit Fantasy Weavers' website here: See you at the concert!
  • 7:00 PMVitamin D Productions presents the 12th Annual WOMYNSFEST
  • 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM WOMYNSFEST is here again! For the past 12 years, Vitamin D Productions has produced this event during the first week of March! This event celebrates the diversity of women of all ages who are promoting their music, art, dance, film, and much more! Womynsfest is an annual festival produced by Vitamin D Productions. Vitamin D has been hosting, promoting, booking this festival since it was born! Womynsfest is an all ages event both on stage and off. We invite anyone to perform! A collective showcasing of women of all ages, gender, trans, men who like to dress like women, are invited as well! As long as you have a particular talent related to music, art, poetry, story telling, film or dance! If interested, contact Vitamin D ASAP! We also encourage all of you artists who sell your stuff for a living to participate in this annual event! Looking for a food vendor too! Local produce, organic cooked from home peeps welcomed, all you entrepreneurs, lets do it! Deadfish Media Group will be participating in this year's festival! Several Artists TBA will also participate in this spectacular event! Deadfish will also have original artwork on display from some of DMG's visual artists. DMG merchandise booth will be there with graphic apparel, jewelry, CD's, hats, ties & more...all available for purchase! VENDORS: Deadfish Media, Kelly Werkhieser, Edie Weinstein Earthen LIfe Style ~ Workshop intro to Cob houses & an Aquaponic garden system (mini versions) Shan Tea will give away tea samples, and will donate 10% of sales to urban farming initiatives. LINE UP: Mira Treatman Bonnie MacAllister ~ films Alia  ~ musician Mia Johnson ~ musician Autobahn da Fe ~ musician ApocaLIPS Edie Weinstein ~ Reading from her book Rosa Diaz ~ musician Liberty City Kings Drag & Burlesque Come by, check us out, make a purchase, support local arts! FREE ADMISSION! Appropriate for all ages until about 9pm!
  • 8:00 PMMarshall Allen + Denis Beuret + Elliott Levin + Weasel Walter + Marc Edwards
  • 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM DENIS BEURET trombone, electronics ELLIOTT LEVIN reeds, words WEASEL WALTER & MARC EDWARDS drums + special guest MARSHALL ALLEN (Leader of The SUN RA ARKESTRA) on alto sax and EVI. Denis Beuret was born in Semsales Delemont, Switzerland. He is a composer and trombonist in several contemporary music ensembles featuring jazz, improv, electronic music, and specializing in sound research.  He is a member of the SMS (Union Musical Switzerland) of SSRS (Syndicat Suisse Romande show) and JazzOnze + Lausanne, members of cultural associations ASM-STV, USDAM, MPSS, WIM Bern, JazzOnze + Lausanne, AMR Geneva, Lausanne, Eustace, Saignelégier Sets, New World Fribourg, Sion Farm Asylum, and Spiral Friburg. Elliott Levin: Have you seen this man walking the streets of Philly? His signature single dread emits musical spores over sidewalks, music halls, and coffeehouses. Elliott is the ubiquitous Philadelphia musician. He has played with everyone, reading his poetry into his flute, literally, improvising with Charles Cohen, Rick Iannacone, and New Ghost, et al. Elliott studied music and creative writing at the University of Oregon. He also studied extensively with Michael Guera (former saxophonist with the Philadelphia Orchestra), Cecil Taylor (pianist/composer/improviser), and Claire Polin (flutist/composer). Elliott has performed with groups including Cecil Taylor’s Ensemble, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Odeon Popes’ Sax Choir, Scram!, New Ghost, Atzilut (Fourth World), and Talking Free Bebop. He has collaborated in performance with poets Miguel Algarin, Gloria Tropp, Mbali Umoja, Marty Watt, and Frank Messina & Spoken Motion among many others. Venues have included Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The United Nations, The U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Yale University, The Greek Theater, Watts Towers, Lollapalooza! and scores of galleries, clubs and theaters. In 1999, he performed at the Crossing Borders Festival in the Hague, the Sexial Jazz Festival in Lisbon and Portugal, The Alternative Festival in Prague, and the Sonic Logos Festival in Philadelphia. Elliott has received awards from New American Radio (New York), The City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts and the California Endowment for the Humanities. A prolific poet, Eliott’s work has appeared in L.A. Weekly, Blue Beat Jacket (Japan), The Painted Word, Po’ Fly, Vital Pulse, Poets & Prophets, and Intervals: The Poems of Musicians (Beehive & Sisyphus Press). Weasel Walter (first name, last name) is best known as the drummer and primary composer for the cult punk jazz/no wave/brutal prog band, The Flying Luttenbachers. Between 1991 and 2007, the group recorded 16 full-length albums, toured Europe and the US extensively, and included such musicians as Ken Vandermark, Mick Barr, Ed Rodriguez (Deerhoof), Jeb Bishop, Jonathan Hischke (Hella) and Fred Lonberg-Holm in its ranks. Mr. Walter has also worked with groups like XBXRX, Behold...The Arctopus, Zs, Erase Errata, Bobby Conn, Burmese, Lair of the Minotaur and others. Also known as an improviser, Mr. Walter has performed and/or recorded with Evan Parker, Marshall Allen, Peter Evans, Henry Kaiser, Mary Halvorson, Marc Edwards, Nels Cline, William Hooker, Darius Jones, Jim O'Rourke, John Butcher, Vinny Golia, John Lindberg and members of ROVA among many others. Mr. Walter runs the ugEXPLODE record label which has recently released music by extreme/unclassifiable acts like White Suns, Burmese, Toy Killers, Orthrelm, Henry Kaiser and many others. Marc Edwards studied  drums while in Junior High School, played with the Manhattan Borough All City Band, All City High School Band, The Warriors Drum & Bugle Corps. He also studied at the Berklee School of Music with teachers Alan Dawson, Gene Roma and Les Harris. In addition, he had worked with David S. Ware in Apogee. This band was later absorbed into the Cecil Taylor Unit. Marc has toured the USA and Europe where the band did the recording, "Dark To Themselves," a record that has withstood the test of time, becoming a template of how to play Free Jazz. Marc continued working with David S. Ware, appearing on some Ware's early recordings, leaving the band after 20 years to strike out on his own. Personnel varies in Marc's band. After doing the album, "Time & Space, Vol. 1," Marc began calling his band, Slipstream Time Travel. The band has been fairly stable in terms of the musicians. Featured are: Tor Snyder, Ernest Anderson III, Takuma Kanaiwa - Electric Guitars; Gene Janas - Bass and Marc Edwards on Drums. Marc connected with Punk Rock musician Weasel Walter, working with him on the album "Firestorm," "Mysteries Beneath The Planet," and their most recent effort, "Blood of the Earth," all released from Ugexplode Record label. Weasel Walter moved to New York City in 2009. He and Marc immediately began working together in earnest. Marc plays in Weasel's "Cellular Chaos" band, and the Marc Edwards Weasel Walter Group with Marcus Cummins and Jeremy Viner. Full interview in All About Jazz: Marshall Belford Allen, alto saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, bandleader, and arranger, was born May 25, 1924 in Louisville, KY and started clarinet lessons at age 10. At 18, he enlisted in the Army's 92nd Infantry (the Buffalo Soldiers), playing clarinet and alto saxophone in the 17th Division Special Service Band. Stationed in Paris during World War II, he played with pianist Art Simmons and saxophonist Don Byas, and he toured and recorded with James Moody during the late '40's. Upon honorable discharge, Mr. Allen enrolled in the Paris Conservatory of Music, studying clarinet with Delacluse. Returning to the States in 1951, Marshall settled in Chicago, where he led his own bands, playing in clubs and dance halls, while writing his own music and arrangements, as he continues to do today. During the mid-'50's, Marshall met Sun Ra and became a student of his precepts. After joining the Sun Ra Arkestra in 1958, Marshall Allen led Sun Ra's formidable reed section for over 40 years (a role akin to the position of Johnny Hodges in the Duke Ellington orchestra). Marshall Allen lived, rehearsed, toured and recorded with Sun Ra almost exclusively for much of his musical career, leading the reed section during the time that the Sun Ra Arkestra won the "Downbeat" polls as number-one big band in 1988 and 1989. As a featured soloist with the Arkestra, Marshall pioneered the avante-garde jazz movement of the early '60's, expanding a style rooted in Johnny Hodges and Don Byas, and influencing all leading avante-garde saxophonists thereafter. During this time, Marshall also invented a woodwind instrument he called the "morrow," utilizing a saxophone mouthpiece attached to an open-hole wooden body. (This instrument is currently being marketed under another name, as Marshall never secured a patent on his invention). Marshall Allen was one of the first jazz musicians to play traditional African music and what is now called "world music," working frequently with Olatunji and his Drums of Passion. In fact, Marshall is most likely the sole jazz musician who builds and plays the kora (a popular West African multi-stringed instrument), and he has been a major factor in its introduction to American audiences, as well as the world at large. Marshall Allen is featured on over 200 Sun Ra releases, as well as appearing as special guest soloist in concert and on recordings with such diverse groups as NRBQ, Phish, Sonic Youth, Diggable Planets, Terry Adams, and Medeski, Martin & Wood. Perhaps most significantly, Marshall Allen assumed the helm of the Sun Ra Arkestra in 1995 after the ascension of Sun Ra in 1993 and John Gilmore in 1995. Mr. Allen continues to reside at the Sun Ra Residence in Philadelphia, composing, writing and arranging for the Arkestra much like his mentor, totally committed to a life of discipline centered totally on the study, research, and further development of Sun Ra's musical precepts. Marshall maintains the Sun Ra residence as a living museum dedicated to the compilation, restoration and preservation of Sun Ra's music, memorabilia, and artifacts. Marshall has launched the Sun Ra Arkestra into a dimension beyond that of mere "ghost" band by writing fresh arrangements of Sun Ra's music, as well as composing new music for the Arkestra. He works unceasingly to keep the big-band tradition alive, reworking arrangements of the music of Fletcher Henderson and Jimmie Lunceford for the Arkestra to play, along with many other American standards. Marshall Allen is recognized all over the world as the premier avant-garde saxophonist, appearing in solo concert in London in 1995, duet with Terry Adams in 1997 in Canada, and featured in articles in "JazzTimes" (12/02), "Signal to Noise" Magazine, and innumerable other music magazines and radio and TV interviews. He is frequently called upon to give master classes, lectures, and demonstrations of Sun Ra's musical precepts, and he Keeps himself accessible to all who have an interest in Sun Ra's legacy. Marshall Allen plays the alto saxophone, flute, clarinet, oboe, kora, and E.V.I. (Electronic Valve Instrument). Admission is FREE
  • 8:00 PMAndrew's Video Vault screens Girlfriends (1978) + Windows (1980)
  • 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM 2012 SCHEDULE JANUARY 12 The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947 / 99 minutes) Moody psychological thriller starring Humphrey Bogart (cast against type) as an unstable painter caught in a murderous and bizarre love triangle with Barbara Stanwyck and Alexis Smith. Directed by Peter Godfrey. The Strange Love of Molly Louvain (1932 / 73 minutes) Michael Curtiz directs Ann Dvorak as poor country girl adrift in the city and on the lam in this sordid pre-Code crime drama. Co-starring Lee Tracy and Leslie Fenton. Based on the play, Tinsel Girl by Chicago source author, Maurine Dallas Watkins. FEBRUARY 9 Samson and Delilah (1949 / 131 minutes) Cecil B. DeMille’s lavish biblical spectacle presents Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr as the titular characters, an Israelite and a Philistine who destroy each other. Co-staring George Sanders and Angela Lansbury. Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days (1975 / 99 minutes) A cosmic, witty and epic biblical pastiche from Artie & Jim Mitchell, the creators of Behind The Green Door. MARCH 8 Girlfriends (1978 / 86 minutes) Claudi Weill’s comedic drama of two mismatched roommates, a photographer and a writer, in late-1970s New York City. A favorite of Stanley Kubrick, who remarked that it was one “of the very rare American films that I would compare with the serious, intelligent, sensitive writing and filmmaking that you find in the best directors in Europe… It seemed to make no compromise to the inner truth of the story.” Screenplay by Vicki Polon. Windows (1980 / 96 minutes) Legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis’ only movie as a director is a dark and twisted thriller starring Talia Shire as a menaced woman and Elizabeth Ashley as her obsessed, voyeur neighbor. APRIL 12 Rubber (2010 / 82 minutes) “Careful Where You Tread!” An abandoned tire with telekinetic powers seeks revenge. Stars Stephen Spinella, Wings Hauser and Roxane Mesquida. Written and directed by Quentin Dupieux. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977 / 77 minutes). An unusual horror film about a demonic bed that consumes anyone who lays on it. Written and directed by George Barry. MAY 10 The Music of Chance (1993 / 98 minutes) James Spader and Mandy Patinkin are gamblers out of their league forced to pay off their gaming debts by building a wall made of stones. Co-stars M. Emmet Walsh, Charles Durning, Joel Grey, Samantha Mathis and Chris Penn. Directed by Philip Haas. Based on the novel by Paul Auster. All I Desire (1953 / 79 minutes) Actress Barbara Stanwyck stops over in the smalltown she left behind ten years before to visit the family she deserted and weigh her choices. Directed by Douglas Sirk. JUNE 14 The Red House (1947 / 100 minutes) Delmer Daves directs this rural, noir psychodrama with supernatural overtones starring Edward G. Robinson as a one-legged farmer trying to control the urges of his teenaged daughter. Brother Orchid (1940 / 88 minutes) After an assassination attempt orchestrated by new mobster king-pin Humphrey Bogart, aging racketeer Edward G. Robinson reinvents himself as a monk. With Ann Sothern and Ralph Bellamy. JULY 12 Vibrations (1967 / 75 minutes) A writer, moonlighting as a typist, moves into a New York apartment with her up-tight sister and is drawn to the secret cult next door. Directed by Joseph W. Sarno. Fluctuations (1970 / 70 minutes) Grindhouse avant-garde stream of consciousness sexploitation directed by Joel Landwehr. Submission (1969 / 73 minutes) A ménage a trois leads to a robbery plot, sexual confusion and unexpected double crosses in Allen Savage’s movie. AUGUST 9 Carny (1980 / 107 minutes) Eighteen year old Jodie Foster runs away from home and takes up with two carnival hustlers played by Gary Busey and Robbie Robertson. With Meg Foster, Kenneth McMillan and Elisha Cook Jr. Music by Alex North. Girl on the Run (1953) Offbeat noir murder mystery set at a burlesque show on the midway. Features Frank Albertson and, in his big screen debut, Steve McQueen. SEPTEMBER 13 Dementia (1955 / 56 minutes) A nightmarish, dialogue-free film noir, with an amazing George Antheil score, follows a gamin though the shadowy streets of Venice Beach, California. The only film from director John Parker. Freud (1962 / 120 minutes) Director John Huston biopic casts Montgomery Clift as the famous Viennese psychoanalyst and follows him from 1885-90 as he formulates his theories of the Oedipus complex. Based on a screenplay by Jean-Paul Sartre. Photographed by Douglas Slocombe. OCTOBER 11 * * * * Two silent movies directed by Tod Browning with live musical accompaniment from Lincoln vs. The Moon (Jen Lightfoot and Ed Dymek) * * * * The Unknown (1927 / 63 minutes) Wanted murderer Lon Chaney poses as “Alonzo the Armless Wonder.” Falling in love with unstable and phobic Joan Crawford, he becomes enraged when a strongman becomes romantic rival, setting the stage for an unforgettable Grand Guignol climax. The Unholy Three (1925 / 86 minutes) A sideshow ventriloquist (Lon Chaney), a little person (Harry Earles), and strongman (Victor McLaglen) flee the carny life and form a perverse crime family operating out of a pet shop. Based on a novel by Tod Robbins, the author of “Spurs” the story that inspired Browning’s movie Freaks. NOVEMBER 8 Pericles on 31st Street (1962 / 60 minutes) A young Sam Peckinpah directed this entry in “The Dick Powell Show,” based on the novel by Harry Mark Petrakis. Features Theodore Bikel, Carroll O’Connor and Arthur O’Connell. The Man with Two Heads (1972 / 80 minutes) Writer/director Andy Milligan’s chaotic, angry and insane version of “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” shot on location in England. DECEMBER 13 Rienzi – Der Letzte Der Tribunen [Rienzi, the Last of the Tribunes] (2010 / 156 minutes) Philipp Stolzl and Christian Baier’s revision of Richard Wagner’s infrequently performed third opera (1842) about civil war in Rome. From the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Admission is FREE to all screenings. Screenings are continuous from 8pm.
  • 7:30 PMCupid's Little Prick: a multi-media crime drama of love & vengeance
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Are you a fan of television crime drama?  Do you enjoy listening to baroque music? Then you won’t want to miss the premiere of this fully staged, multi-media crime drama of love and vengeance told through art songs by Henry Purcell.  When a powerful politician kills Lucas’ lover in a tragic drunk-driving accident and is acquitted of all charges, Lucas (Cory O’Niell Walker) seeks to administer justice by his own hands. Lyric tenor Cory O'Niell Walker, praised for "his incredible presence and singing voice", creates another thrilling one-man show.  Lauded for the ability to "break your heart when he sings" and for "his honeyed voice [that] pours out in a golden stream", Walker is sure to delight with his masterful, cutting-edge interpretation of these 17th century art songs. March 9 and 10 at 7:30pm with: Cory O'Niell Walker, tenor Constance Simon, electric harpsichord Dave Kurkowski, oboe Kirin McElwain, cello Directed by Lauren Hall Conducted by Jen Hayman Admission: $10 online, $12 at the door. Buy advance tickets HERE
  • 7:30 PMCupid's Little Prick: a multi-media crime drama of love and vengeance
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Are you a fan of television crime drama?  Do you enjoy listening to baroque music? Then you won’t want to miss the premiere of this fully staged, multi-media crime drama of love and vengeance told through art songs by Henry Purcell.  When a powerful politician kills Lucas’ lover in a tragic drunk-driving accident and is acquitted of all charges, Lucas (Cory O’Niell Walker) seeks to administer justice by his own hands. Lyric tenor Cory O'Niell Walker, praised for "his incredible presence and singing voice", creates another thrilling one-man show.  Lauded for the ability to "break your heart when he sings" and for "his honeyed voice [that] pours out in a golden stream", Walker is sure to delight with his masterful, cutting-edge interpretation of these 17th century art songs. March 9 and 10 at 7:30pm with: Cory O'Niell Walker, tenor Constance Simon, electric harpsichord Dave Kurkowski, oboe Kirin McElwain, cello Directed by Lauren Hall Conducted by Jen Hayman Admission: $10 online, $12 at the door. Buy advance tickets HERE
  • 8:30 PMJudith: The Other Shakespeare; new musical drama
  • 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM Judith: The Other Shakespeare Judith: The Other Shakespeare is a NEW musical drama written by Kevin Stackhouse (writer, director, and producer of the acclaimed After Carpathia [2010]). It is narrated by, and based on the writings of, Virgina Woolf who, on the verge of suicide and insanity, creates the hypothetical character of Judith Shakespeare, the imaginary sister of the famous playwright. The play muses what it would be like if the masterpieces of Shakespeare were not written by the bard, but based on the trials and tribulations of his sister and were simply adopted as his own. It's a play that makes the audience reconsider the view of the famous works of Shakespeare from a completely different view and reassess the significance and symbolism in them. - SHOWS - March 11, 7:30 p AND  March 18, 7:30 p Admission is FREE
  • 8:00 PMRita Jones Dance Company performs Choreography by Rita Jones
  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Rita Jones Dance Company presents modern dance, drama, and music, as they relate to the classics. featuring dancers Kathryn Bruttomesso, Cynthia Jickling, Liz Miles, Hikari Miller, Margaret Mushi, Jillian Peters, and Damienne Sena Walton. Donations suggested at the door.
  • 8:00 PMAster + Mario Diaz de Leon; pres. by Ars Nova Workshop
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Ars Nova Workshop presents Aster Ashley Paul, reeds + guitar Eli Keszler, percussion Join Ars Nova Workshop for a free double-header at The Rotunda featuring a performance by the duo Aster and a solo set by guitarist/electronicist Mario Diaz de Leon. “Once in a while something gets slapped in the tape deck that just utterly, completely nails you to the underpinnings of heavens dripping maw,” wrote Byron Coley and Thurston Moore about Ashley Paul's 2010 cassette, if only goodnight, which earned the top spot on their “Tongue Top Ten” for Arthur Magazine. A composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Brooklyn, Paul is a graduate of the New England Conservatory and has worked with a wide-range of experimental artists, including Loren Connors, Roscoe Mitchell, Joe Maneri, Greg Kelley, Satoshi Takeishi, Bill Nace, Joe Morris and Charles Cohen. Aster is her duo project with multi-instrumentalist, New England Conservatory graduate and fellow New Yorker Eli Keszler, who has performed with Jandek, Phil Niblock, Joe McPhee, C. Spencer Yeh and Tony Conrad. His 2011 ESP-Disk release, Oxtim, was named one of the Best Jazz & Improvisation albums of the year by The Wire. The two have worked together for roughly five years, and have released three albums for Rel Records. From scrapes, splatters, whirrs, shimmers, drips, tears, rips and drones, the duo will make your inner-ear work harder than it ever has before. Mario Diaz de Leon, guitar + electronics “Aside from Iannis Xenakis, I can't think of a composer who's pushed harsh noise like young New Yorker Mario Diaz de Leon,” writes Chicago Reader's Peter Margasak about the emerging composer and multi-instrumentalist. Diaz de Leon, also a member of metal band Mirrorgate, released an album of classical works called Enter Houses Of on John Zorn's Tzadik label in 2009. It was praised by The New York Times for its “hallucinatory intensity” and by Time Out New York for its “abrasive mix of modernist integrity and anarchic noise.” He will be the guest curator of The Stone in January, 2012, and plans to release an album of live recordings called Hypnos on the Shinkoyo label early this year. Admission is FREE
  • 8:00 PMInventing the Machine-Man: a multimedia Raymond Scott exploration; w/ Jeff E. Winner; pres. by Bowerbird
  • 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM INVENTING THE MACHINE-MAN — A MULTI-MEDIA RAYMOND SCOTT EXPLORATION with Jeff E. Winner To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Raymond Scott's music, Jeff E. Winner of the Scott archives presents the life of the late composer and inventor with rare audio and video. This evening will include a 60 minute presentation by Winner and a complete screening (100 minutes) of the documentary, “DECONSTRUCTING DAD: The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott.” The award-winning film features interviews with movie music composer John Williams ("Star Wars"), Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, and DJ Spooky aka Paul D. Miller, as well as Raymond Scott's family, colleagues, and archival footage of Scott himself. Raymond Scott (1908-1994) assembled a 6-piece band, including Johnny Williams, father of famous movie score composer John Williams, in 1936. Scott's music is familiar to millions because is was adapted into classic Warner Bros. "Looney Tunes" cartoons, and more recently in "Ren & Stimpy," and "The Simpsons." In the 1940s, Scott formed the first racially-integrated radio group, and founded Manhattan Research, Inc. where he invented and patented early multi-track tape recorders, synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines. He collaborated with future Moog synthesizer inventor Bob Moog on hardware designs. The recordings Scott produced with his inventions ranged from experimental art pieces, and a 3-volume series of minimal, proto-ambient LPs (on Epic Records), to industrial and commercial projects for Ford, Coca-Cola, and IBM. In the mid-1960s Scott created electronic soundtracks for short films by Muppets creator Jim Henson. His final career began in 1969 at age 60 when Berry Gordy Of Motown purchased an automatic electronic composing machine that Scott had invented, called "The Electronium." Scott was subsequently hired to be Motown's director of electronic R&D in LA, and held the position until 1977. Jeff E. Winner is a music producer, historian, and researcher specializing in early electronica. He has written for the Oxford University Press "Grove Dictionary Of American Music," the MIT Press anthology "Sound Unbound" with Chuck D of Public Enemy, Moby, Scanner, and Steve Reich, features in "Electronic Musician" magazine, and liner notes for the DVD/CD series "OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music" with Sonic Youth, Bob Moog, John Cage, and Brian Eno. Mr. Winner was also editor and interviewer for "WE ARE DEVO," the band's only biographical book (Firefly Press) Trailer for the film: Admission is FREE
  • 6:00 PMPhilly Youth Poetry Night & Open Mic
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM Hosted by PYPM Hear the youth speak! The Philly Youth Poetry Movement (“PYPM” or “The Movement”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping the youth of Philadelphia discover the power of their voices through spoken word, literacy, and progressive workshop facilitation. The Movement, founded by “UnLitter Us” poet Greg Corbin, provides a safe space for at-risk, empowered youth ages 13-19 to use their voice to promote social change, leadership, cultural diversity, and build self-esteem. Admission is $7 for youth, $10 for adults.
  • 7:30 PMJudith: The Other Shakespeare
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Judith: The Other Shakespeare Judith: The Other Shakespeare is a NEW musical drama written by Kevin Stackhouse (writer, director, and producer of the acclaimed After Carpathia [2010]). It is narrated by, and based on the writings of, Virgina Woolf who, on the verge of suicide and insanity, creates the hypothetical character of Judith Shakespeare, the imaginary sister of the famous playwright. The play muses what it would be like if the masterpieces of Shakespeare were not written by the bard, but based on the trials and tribulations of his sister and were simply adopted as his own. It's a play that makes the audience reconsider the view of the famous works of Shakespeare from a completely different view and reassess the significance and symbolism in them. - SHOWS - March 11, 7:30 p AND  March 18, 7:30 p Admission is FREE
  • 6:00 PMSouth Sudan: Better Classrooms Brighter Future – Charity Event and Banquet Dinner
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Project Nur and the Dut Jok Youth Foundation Present South Sudan: Better Classrooms Brighter Future – Charity Event and Banquet Dinner The event will is a collaboration of the efforts of both Project Nur and the Dut Jok Youth Foundation. Project Nur is a University of Pennsylvania student interest group  motivated by the idea of promoting  human rights and civil rights through all inclusive programs and events. The group is led by civic-minded students hoping to create bridges to social justice through empowering people with knowledge of cultures and creating acceptance and mutual respect through dialogue. The Dut Jok Youth Foundation was created by Dut Jok, a student at University of Pennsylvania originally hailing from South Sudan. The aim of his foundation is directed at harnessing  the potential of Southern Sudanese youth by funneling resources and providing opportunities through education and sports to offset the post-war disenfranchisement of the current generation. With this event, the two groups will work together to reach a goal of $600.00 which will be put towards fully funding one South Sudanese school’s educational materials and needs for one full year. Come join us as we watch a documentary on the recent history and current state of South Sudan, dine with us to a catered dinner and partake in a raffle event at the end of the night.  Admission is 15.00  with a suggested donation of $20, $30 or $40 to help the cause. With extra donation, free raffle tickets will be included.  All proceeds will go to the Dut Jok Foundation. For more information on either Project Nur or the Dut Jok Youth Foundation, please visit their respective websites at: Project Nur: Dut Jok Youth Foundation:
  • 7:00 PMIn Honor of National of Her-story Month: Poet-tree en Motion Winter-Spring series
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Poet-tree en Motion Winter-Spring Performance Series Friend the Group for PeM @ : Featured acts include… * Barajagala the American Tribal Style Bellydance influenced by folkloric & traditional belly dance, with Flamenco stylizations * Monica Day Performance art that often ponders the intimate & sometimes comic moments where our real lives vary from the Hallmark card & romance novels lives of our imagination * the Femme-mynistiques Trio of sis-starz merging forces w/ fresh beats, mystic vocals, rhymes & lyrical poetics (Facebook/GoldenLover, /Lady Omni & /Plum Dragoness) * Hillaria Innocentia Goodgame poetry, song, live music & dance-the evolution of black woman's identity & control in society * MOM/Music Over Matter the dynamic all Female Philadelphia based drum ensemble Bios: Barajagala Tribal Bellydance is the collective name of two American Tribal Style bellydancers, Irene Reinke and Pamela Hall. The style of dance, American Tribal Style or ATS is a form of bellydance created by Carolena Nericcio in San Francisco in the early 1980's. It was quite a departure from the traditional bellydance - it's focus was dancing with other women and presenting the dance form in venues other than restaurants and nightclubs. But it's greatest contribution was creating an experience for the dancers that celebrated not only the artistic sensuality of women, but infused in each dancer a feeling of power and elegance, beauty and strength, and a sense of community (hence the "tribal" aspect). This is in part due to the fact that the dance combines classic bellydance with modified Rajastani folkloric steps and Flamenco stylizations. Barajagala Tribal Bellydance was created by Irene Reinke in 2008, after receiving her teaching certification from Ms. Nericcio. In 2010, Barajagala gained sister studio status with Carolena Nericcio's dance troupe - FatChanceBellydance. Barajagala also has a student troupe, Sabeela Tribal, who perform quite frequently in Philadelphia's suburbs, Delaware, and New Jersey. Workshops and classes are taught in the Philadelphia and suburbs. For more information, check out Barajagala online (! Monica Day is representing the Erotic Literary Salon presenting performance art that often ponders the intimate & sometimes comic moments where our real lives vary from the Hallmark card & romance novels lives of our imagination… She is the founder of The Sensual Life (, was host and curator of Essensuality: An Evening of Erotic Expression in NYC for three years, and is a regular reader/performer at Philadelphia's Erotic Literary Salon. She recently wrote, produced and performed her play, Song of the Sacred Whore, in the 2011 Philly Fringe Festival. Her current project is an 8-week workshop series called The Essensual Experience where participants explore the place where expression and sensuality come together. The final performance for the current series will be held on April 16th. A new series will begin here in Philly in May 2012, and will travel around the country as a weekend workshop beginning in the fall of 2012. the Femme-mynistiques- Trio of sis-starz merging forces w/ fresh beats, mystic vocals, rhymes & lyrical poetics devoted to the “femminine mystic”. Together these three ladies bring to the stage backgrounds in beat/music production, dance choreography, staging theater productions, hostess-ing venues, singing, rap & spoken word performances… Alexis “GoldenLover” Simmons is a one of a kind talent. Not only does she shine in Philadelphia’s intensely demanding soul music scene, but she has shown a gift for versatility, crafting songs in genres from R&B to House to Pop through her voice, lyrics and now production! She credits her versatility to her early work as a background singer for a wide variety of acts, including Ghettosongbird and Natural Selection. She also developed an ear and style for House music, writing two popular singles "Selene-The Goddess of the Moon" and "Aphroditey" with famed Philadelphia Soulful House production team StealVybe. The first was released early February 2009 by PhutureSole recordings, a small indie label in New York. Late this year, her second single, "Aphrodite" was released to eagerly awaiting fans! Like many lyrical artists, she expresses herself deeply through the songs she writes, saying: To articulate myself through the words and music is not always easy, but it is such a worthwhile process, and as I experience, so my songs are a reflection of those experiences. I am an intensely passionate and romantic person, so I deeply enjoy love songs; however, as I learn to cherish my growth as a woman, most of what you will hear now will be largely associated with spirituality, sexuality/high energy and the affirmation of women. To put it simply though, I am a lover of people, I am a lover of the sensual, I am a lover of the spiritual and on this journey, I am learning to fall in love with myself. My greatest hope is that in listening to my songs, people will fall in love! (Facebook/GoldenLover) Geri Vanore is a Philadelphia native who bargained her training at her neighborhood studio at the age of ten. She later attended the High School for the Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA). She also trained at Philadanco, where she became a member of Danco II.  Developing a passion for teaching in 1995, Geri now specializes in teaching modern, ballet, technique and turn, lyrical, hip hop, bellydance and mask acting.  She attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she worked with Ruth Andrian, Molly Misgalla, Pat Thomas, Andrew Pap, Roni Koresh, and Manfred Fishbach . In 2001 Geri was offered a scholarship to train at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. There she studied under Kazuko Hirabayashi, Denise Vale, Elana Comendador, Marguerite Wesley, Max Luna III, and many more. In 2003 Geri co-founded and directed Identity Dance Company, a dance group designed for adolescents and young adults who sought to escape potentially harmful environments and explore their potential through dance arts.  In 2005 Geri became a member of the Philadelphia Wings Dance Team with whom she performed for three seasons. She has also recently danced as a featured performer at the Garden State Dance Festival in 2007.  Since 2005 Geri has been working with Archedream for Humankind, a blacklight archetypal dance theatre, with whom she tours nationally and internationally giving performances and workshops at schools festivals and theaters. With ADHK Geri is a performer, choreographer, and instructor for various workshops.  Her most rewarding experience with ADHK was a month long residency at the Dream Community in Taiwan. And her most recent accomplishment was taking on the role of Director of the newest addition to the company’s repertoire, Chorus of Dreams.  In addition to teaching and ADHK, Geri is enjoying working with gifted choreographer and friend, Tina Heuges.  Now and perpetually, Geri remains passionate about dance, choreography, improvisation, chance, sharing and all else swirling around this art form!!! (Lady Omni) Plum Dragoness (Gabrielle de Burke) is a Performer/Poet/Theater Artist. She has been an artist in residence  at The Rotunda since 2007 with the performance series she organizes & hosts, called, “Poet-tree En Motion”. This ongoing free community fall/spring performance event has led to collaborating w/ various artists in the Philly underground art scenes. She performs her sung-spoken words regularly for the series, working with VJ artists for visual projections & musicians & dancers & so on… Her work as an artist has led to touring shows in a verity of arrangements varying from solo/duo presentations to  an ensemble of venues & has been presented by the Rossport Gathering (June, 2009/County Mayo, Ire), the Winter Solstice Nexus event (December, 2009/Toronto, ON, CA), The OM Reunion Project Festival (June, 2010/Northern Ontario, CA), the PEX Fest Summer Festival (Darlington, MD. 2009/2010/2011), the Gaian Mind Festival (Artimus, PA. 2007/2008), the Coalesce Fest (Darlington, MD 2009/2010), the Desiderata Festival (July, 2009/Upstate, NY), Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (NY, NY) & the Times Square Performing Arts Center (NYC, NY) & in local west Philly venues such as the Rotunda, The Community Education Center & at The World Cafe Live (December 2010) & more. Hillaria Innocentia Goodgame- poetry, song, live music & dance-the evolution of black woman's identity & control in society..Hillaria comes from a line of woman that have always seen music and performance as a ritual of life. She started singing as a child in the church choir. This was soon fallowed by dance and acting in and out of the church. When Hillaria moved to Philadelphia in 2001 she started performing her poetry in different venues in Philadelphia and New York,. A second burst of inspiration and motivation occuered after the birth of her muse, Aviv Goodgame. Hillaria began teaching dance to young girls and specializes in mentoring young woman into their own power. Hillaria has also been involved in stage production, choreography, acting, and organizing charity events. Hillaria now performs a collage of poetry, dance, music, and meditation in every performance. Hillaria believes that the expression of womanhood can't be limited to one talent and embraces all  possibilities on stage. Currently a law student and mother by day, at night Hillaria invites all to join in a musical ritual of life. Hillaria's current project, MoFire , is a crystallization of a vision  that employs all types of expression into a production of the mind. MoFire's musical tapestry includes, but is not limited to influence from rock and roll, South American and African rhythms, and a large dose of  funk to Uplift Fallen Humanity. Links to past work: Music Over Matter/M.O.M.- the dynamic all Female Philadelphia based drum ensemble & more..Music Over Matter is made up of a group of dedicated women from many walks of life, who feel and express the profound rhythm which beats within us all. M.O.M. takes special pleasure in embracing the participation of all the children of the universe. All levels of drumming expertise are welcome to participate in the weekly drumming circle. Under the expert tutelage of Founder and percussionist, Jan Jeffries, the group shares their hearts and souls with each other, while exploring the universal love of tradition buried deep in their essence by the wisdom of countless ancient ones. Although students of percussion, their rhythms and enthusiasm are inspiring; transporting the observer to an emotionally invigorating, uplifting dance of pure spiritual beauty. The music of M.O.M. feeds the souls of children, teens, and adults alike, encouraging the reticent to boldly embark on an adventure of tremendous possibilities. M.O.M. performs in various settings, including churches, schools, parties and street fairs in and around Philadelphia and New Jersey. April 18th: Paying Homage to National Poetry Month * Rosemary Cappello Poet & Editor of Philadelphia Poets, will read some of her latest material * Mel Brake awarding-winning Philadelphia based poet/singer/song writer & arts educator shares some of his written works * Greg Sirfir Local poet presenting his savvy comedic pieces of word-power for the people * Elijah B.Pringle, III Philadelphia based poet, editor & publisher * Plum Dragoness where lyrical performance poetry meets in a dance w/ the spoken word/Collaborators TBA May 16th: Fire Rite Celebration & Spring Fundraiser Festivities more TBA
  • 8:00 PMResistance Is Fertile: Seeds of Spring – Night of Feminist Performance Art
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM For Immediate Release: Contact: Ruchama Bilenky 267-679-4098 DysFUNctional Theatre’s Female Performance Artists Present Resistance Is Fertile: Seeds of Spring – Night of Feminist Performance Art  to Raise Funds for Project Safe All proceeds will benefit Project Safe ( and 866-509-SAFE), an organization promoting public health and safety for sex workers in Philadelphia. Conceived by Ruchama Bilenky, Kate Black-Regan, and Jana Nogowski, Resistance Is Fertile: Seeds of Spring is a night of empowerment through music, poetry, movement, and theatre arts.  Ruchama Bilenky, founder of DysFUNctional Theatre, has appeared in numerous productions in her company’s 10-year history.  In addition, she is the bass player for Sylvia Platypus as well as a certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher.  Kate Black-Regan is a Philadelphia-based actress who not only has performed with DysFUNctional Theatre, but also with the Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium, The Renegade Company, and PuppeTyranny among others.  Jana Nogowski is an actress and poet who has performed with Green Light Arts, Vagabond Acting Troupe, and South Camden Theatre Company.  Performances will feature not only the show’s organizers, but also the performance work of both up-and-coming and seasoned Philadelphia-based artists, including Amanda Geraci, Kathleen Harmer, Denise Shubin, Sammy Shuster, Natanya Apfelbaum, and Kira Darian. The show’s beneficiary, Project Safe, is an organization promoting targeting public health and safety to women prostitutes on the streets of Philadelphia.  Specific services include conducting outreach, dispensing information about HIV and other STD prevention, condom use, and Bad Date sheets.  Other programs include client referrals to welfare, detox/drug treatment, housing, shelter, medical care, public assistance, mental health care, and legal aid.  For more information Project Safe’s mission and services visit or call 866-509-SAFE. DysFUNctional Theatre was founded in 2001 by Ruchama Bilenky (bass player for the band Sylvia Platypus) with the mission of bringing obscure, female-oriented works to the Philadelphia stage. Recent past productions have included the world premiere of Le Mirage/Dead City Philly, Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act by Athol Fugard, and Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes Admission is sliding scale from $5 to $20.  All proceeds will benefit Project Safe
  • 6:00 PMOne Thousand Pulses pres. Tim Motzer & JA Deane, Alpha Wave Movement, Peter Biederman, groupTHINK, Thin Air
  • 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM ONE THOUSAND PULSES PHILADELPHIA micro-fest of electronic music & otherwise featuring GROUPTHINK ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT PETER BIEDERMANN THIN AIR TIM MOTZER & JA DEANE 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM $7 ADVANCE / $10 DOOR ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE: FURTHER INFO & INQUIRIES: 201-316-5403 / One Thousand Pulses (OTP) is the Northeast's premier series of festivals for electronic and experimental music. Showcasing artists whose sounds span the spectrum of electronic genres, styles, and motifs, OTP hosts semi-regular events in venues throughout the region to broaden the outreach of such artists and their audiences alike. OTP's Philadelphia debut event mixes established veterans with vibrant newcomers, all of whom sing the body electric by blurring genre and texture, color and grain, light and sound. >GROUPTHINK work up vast drones of machinic elegance buttressed by windswept atmospheres and the odd rhythmic pulse. A duo comprised of Darren Bergstein (iPhone synths, laptop, found objects, wayward percussives, voice) and Edward Yuhas (guitar, loops and processing, iPhone synths), Groupthink improvise with wild abandon, yielding, thanks to their various iPhemera, ambience with teeth, as found on their debut CD, Of Microcosmic Origins. • / > Gregory Kyryluk, aka ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT, embraces ambient, “new age”, and the classic 1970s German style known as Berlin School. Kyryluk is not only influenced by the masters (Eno, Roach, et al), his love of the natural landscape around him provides just as much imaginative gristle for the aural mill. He is, in fact, a true original; whether recording as AWM, Open Canvas, or as part of the duo Thought Guild, Kyryluk manages to transcend the historical baggage and clichés of his European EM colleagues. He recently issued the final Thought Guild disc on his own Harmonic Resonance Recordings imprint, as well as his ambient techdub debut under the alias Within Reason on the Periphery label. Kyryluk’s appearance at OTP will mark his return to live performing after 10+ years. • / > PETER BIEDERMANN has been playing guitar, composing, and performing live since 1977, both solo and in his bands PING and White Light. Skillful as he is on his trusty acoustic, Biedermann hardly restricts himself to genre: he effortlessly combines both analog and digital techniques to create electroacoustic soundscapes similar to those founded by the likes of Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, and David Torn. Biedermann’s principles carry him across numerous disciplines, whether as part of the psychoacoustic trio Serious Fun or solo where he’s currently forging new strains of guitar-processed ambient. It is this recontextualizing of the guitar into regions familiar yet adjunct that provides the artistic motivation for Biedermann’s continually reinvented persona. • > Philadelphia electronic musician STEVE BOWMAN is a long-time performer and mainstay of the local electronic music community. His is what he terms a “radical spacemusic with a jam-band sensibility”, combining sounds that range from ambient and dreamy to experimental swathes of raucous noise. Bowman counts among his many influences the works of Morton Subotnick, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Ligeti. However, what separates Bowman’s sonic creations from the rest of the EM pack is that he first and foremost composes, albeit via keyboards controlling an array of delays, arpeggiators. effects, and loopers. Bowman filters his sensibilities through 50 years of listening, a degree in Music from Harvard, and 20 years of playing spacemusic with guitarist Art Cohen in the duo Delicate Monster. • > Guitarist TIM MOTZER and trombonist JA DEANE are masters of their respective instruments, yet they share a mutual fascination with electronica and experimentalism. Motzer’s made circuits dance either solo or in tandem with Jaki Liebezeit, Ursula Rucker, Markus Reuter, Burnt Friedmann, and many others. He owns and operates the eclectic 1k Recordings, which features everything from his superb IDM project Fractured Reverb Underground to his Base3 downtown fusion-funk outfit. Motzer's versatility and interests know no bounds, as both his eclectic label catalog and live performances demonstrates. Trombonist and sonic provocateur Deane’s pedigree is no less impressive: he's worked with Jon Hassell on the seminal "Power Spot" album, and performed with such luminaries on the avant-jazz scenes as John Zorn, Butch Morris, and Wayne Horvitz. Motzer and Deane’s new collaborative debut as a duo in The March Project should be nothing short of extraordinary. • / $7 ADVANCE / $10 DOOR ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE: Further info: One Thousand Pulses
  • 6:00 PMThe Freedom Gathering - celebrating youth
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Frontline Dads present “The Freedom Gathering”, a celebration of youth voices through art, music, song, poetry and fashion. The Freedom Gathering is a communal celebration of youth in collaboration with Mothers In Charge and will feature youth performers in tap dance, hip-hop, spoken word poetry, R&B, and will also feature a fashion show. The Freedom Gathering will honor "Unsung Heroes" in the community for their contributions, sacrifices and inspiration. Additionally, an art display and silent  auction will feature the works of local visual artists. Refreshments will be served. Tickets are $10. The Freedom Gathering is open to the public. All ages, genders, socio/economic backgrounds, political affiliations, and religions are welcome. For  additional information, please contact: Reuben Jones at: or (267) 304-9716
  • 6:00 PMHarvest of Dignity screening; documentary focusing on the lives of farm workers in North Carolina
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM "Harvest of Dignity", discussion, and free Chipotle burritos Presented as part of Food Justice Movie Nights by the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative Doors at 6pm, movie at 6:30pm, discussion to follow Dinner served. HARVEST OF DIGNITY In honor of NATIONAL FARMWORKER AWARENESS WEEK, we will be showing this documentary focusing on the lives of farm workers in North Carolina.With original footage from journalist Edward Murrow’s 1960 documentary “Harvest of Shame”, this documentary reexamines the current situation with interviews of farm workers, advocates, educators, and faith leaders. We will also be showing other shorts on this topic. Admission is FREE and dinner will be served!
  • 10:00 PMThe Gathering
  • 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM (nearly every last Thursday) Established in 1996, The Gathering is the longest/strongest-running truly Hip Hop event in Philly. The Gathering IS b-boys/b-girls, pop-lockers, emcees, graffiti writers, DJs, men, women, and children of all ages enjoying an organic, community-based celebration of The struggle, the Love, and the culture of Hip Hop. DJs spin Hiphop, breaks, and funk all night, and there are open cyphas, a tag wall, and a featured performance and graffiti panel each month. Admission is $3
  • 2:00 PMGraphic Score & Found Sound Workshop w/ Ben Miller; presented by Event Horizon series
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Graphic Score / Found Sound Workshop 2-4pm “A demonstration and exchange of ideas on creative scoring and improvisation using graphic scores, found sound and external operations.” including: 20 minute presentation on Ben Miller's past: Influences: Syd Barrett, Arnold Schoenberg, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen. Genres: psych-rock, spontaneous improvisation, punk rock, performance art, use of interval rows, sound art. Presentation includes playing several recorded excerpts of what Ben has done from the early 1970s to present. 1hour 15 minute hands-on workshop using Graphic Scores with Found Sound (leaf maracas, paper/plastic bags, homemade instruments) and external operations (dice, stopwatch). ·   Students learn, perform and record Sound using Found Sound via simple Graphic Scores ·   Students record found sound onto various lo-budget Tape Decks and a Casio SK1 8-bit sampler ·   Students create, perform and record a collaborative Graphic Score using live sound and music concrete. Admission: $5-10 donation
  • 8:00 PMEvent Horizon presents Jason Sloan, Onewayness, Benjamin Miller
  • 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Event Horizon presents Onewayness, Benjamin Miller & Jason Sloan onewayness is Adam Holquist, an experimental electronic musician from Erie, Pennsylvania. He uses hardware and software synths, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of acoustic and electric instruments to create atmospheric compositions which draw influence from vintage Berlin-school electronic music, minimalism, post-rock, and contemporary electronic ‘listening music' Ben Miller will use his self-deconstructed multiphonic guitar with various treatments, tapes and video projection including a premiere of BLURRER - - a collaboration with artist Ofer MizraChi Jason Sloan is an electronic musician, composer,, sound and artist working from Baltimore. His work explores aspects of immateriality and it’s connection in life, death, memory, systems and the virtual world. Through his performances, installations, audio environments, videos actions and sound recordings, he examines the need for transcendence beyond the body through a vehicle of visual ritual and sonic stimulation. With this dialog, Sloan feels an urgency to evoke a collective experience between the viewer, listener and artist that can bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical world. The focus of this transcendence is not to conform to any current trends or systems, but to take a non-dogmatic approach of artistic and intellectual inquiry that explores the basic human need for some type of spiritual alignment or wholeness. The Event Horizon concert series is a Philadephia, PA based concert series featuring Ambient, Electronic, Experimental and Space Music. Admission is FREE
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