• 4:00 PMIn-person! Behind the Curtain - a free in-person video-streamed event encompassing curated discussions about the creative sector
  • Thumb behindthecurtain 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Behind the Curtain - a free in-person video-streamed event encompassing curated discussions about the creative sector.A 3-part series of moderated discussions and live performances showcasing local artists, intersecting cultures, spanning generations to celebrate the emerging works they've produced and their experiences in the creative sector.Sundays April 3, 6-8pm + May 1, 4-6pm + June 5, 4-6pmThe event is organized by Shekhinah B. and supported in part by The Women's Coalition for Empowerment, Inc. , the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and The Rotunda.You must register to attend, seating is limited due to COVID restrictions. Please register at Event| Creative Industry Perspectives | Connecting CommunitiesNO VENDORSCOVID Safety Guidelines & Precautions- Everyone over the age of 2 will be required to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.- Performers/presenters and participants will be asked to stay home if they feel unwell or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid within days of the event.- Participants are required to alert us if they become sick/develop any Covid symptoms after the event so that we can let everyone else know. 
  • 4:00 PMIn-person! Environmental Justice (Money, Power, and Politics) screening and panel discussion on LAID TO WASTE documentary
  • Thumb therotundamay52022 8.5x11 front 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Screening - Guest speakers - Cultural vendors

    Environmental Justice (Money, Power, and Politics) LAID TO WASTE Revisited!


    For 23 years now, Chester has been home to the nation's largest trash-burning plant owned by Covanta ! LEARN MORE

    For 23 years now, Chester has been home to the nation's largest trash-burning plant at Front and Highland, now owned by Covanta. This incinerator has the fewest pollution controls installed of any of the six in the state, or in Covanta's fleet of 39 incinerators.

    Claiming it'll cost too much, Covanta's incinerator lacks the pollution controls they use elsewhere to remove the nitrogen oxides (NOx) that cause asthma. Chester's rate of child hospitalization due to asthma is more than three times the state average, in large part because Covanta is one of the worst NOx polluters in all of eastern Pennsylvania. Covanta is also one of the worst polluters in the region for mercury, lead, dioxins and other toxins that contribute to cancers, birth defects, learning disabilities and more.

    It's unacceptable to help this polluter in our community stay open for another three decades, as other major polluters are shutting down, including coal power plants (like the coal burning in Eddystone) and waste incinerators.

    Only 1.5% of the waste Covanta burns in Chester is from Chester. Covanta thrives on making Chester the burning ground for waste from Delaware County, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and many other states. Currently, they aim to bring in trash trains from New York City, to increase the amount burned from New York from a current rate of 200,000 tons/year to at least 500,000 tons/year -- for the next 30 years. This plan is outlined on page 144 of a 700-page contract Covanta signed with New York City in July 2013. Since Covanta is not operating at full capacity so far this year, this DOES help them burn more waste and pollute Chester more.

    Admission is FREE but donations will be appreciated. Registration is encouraged. Please register at

  • 7:30 PMOnline! L.O.S.T. (Line On Some Trip) & MIA JOHNSON Live from ElectricLattéLand
  • Thumb miaandlinewebsite 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM PLAYING FIRST!Originally from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Singer/Songwriter/Rhythm Guitarist MIA JOHNSON has been in Philly making music since the mid-nineties. She got her start busking on South Street, then onto Philly venues, the recording studio, and independent tours of the East Coast and Midwest.Over the years she has performed most often as solo act with just the acoustic guitar, with stripped-down duos & trios and in full bands. Her sound is rooted in rock 'n roll, rhythmically varied and rich in melody with influences of folk, blues, reggae.In addition to her original music, Mia's has a large mixed-genre repertoire of popular music covers that span the 1920's to the present day. She stays very busy performing for a living for the tri-state area's many music venues, retirement communities and special events. SECOND!Born and raised in the suburbs of Paris, L.O.S.T. (Line On Some Trip) grew up in a muslim immigrant family from Syria and Palestine. From 2006 to 2013, Line travelled across Europe and lived in England, Italy, Scotland and Hungary where she found many human and artistic inspirations. She moved to the US in 2014 and started her official music project in New York City before moving to West Philadelphia in 2019. Line's quirky punk-folk songs tackle serious topics such as mental illness and complex family relationships, the effects of capitalism, misogyny and racism on society, and the acceptance of the fragility of life. She conveys her message through instinctual guitar playing and a voice that transforms from sweet and childlike to powerfully enraged in a blink of an eye. Line will be presenting a range of songs written from 2009 to present, recounting the background story behind each of them. are welcome during L.O.S.T. (Line on Some Trip)'s performance - or any time! Venmo:@lostmusic or Cashapp: $line.on.some.tripThis event will stream live from ElectricLattéLand at
  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Dendê & Band: Afro-Brazilian Funk
  • Thumb dende1 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    Dendê & Band: Afro-Brazilian Funk

    Dendê is a percussionist, singer, composer, bandleader, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist. He’s been a professional musician since the age of 14, when he appeared in the frontline of Timbalada, Carlinhos Brown’s superstar percussion ensemble. Since 2001, he’s been splitting his time between the US and Bahia, working with his own ensembles.His flagship group, Dendê & Band reflects the cross-section of his deep roots in traditions like samba de roda and Candomblé and his eclectic musical appetite for other global rhythms like rumba, afrobeat and mbalax. Over the past two decades, Dendê & Band have performed at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles; the KW Latinfest in Canada; the Penang World Music Festival in Malaysia; the Kalalu Festival in Saint Lucia, Summerdance and Old Town School in Chicago the Lincoln Center Atrium in NYC among many others.


    Admission is FREE


    - Space is limited.

    - Masking is required of everyone over the age of 2, regardless of vaccination status. 

    - Please stay home if you feel unwell or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid up to 14 days before the event.

    - If you come down with any Covid symptoms up to 10 days after attending an event here, please alert  The Rotunda: Your name or personal info will always remain confidential. 

  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Event Horizon presents Ritchie DeCarlo, Taji Nahl and Cowboys from Uranus
  • Thumb eventhmay 72022website 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM

    Event HorizonSaturday May 7 - Ritchie DeCarlo, Taji Nahl and Cowboys from Uranus

    Admission is always free; There will be a donation bucket at this event, for Razom for Ukraine. Donations are appreciated but not required. 

    Ritchie DeCarlo has been playing drums for 50 years and started playing live in the Philadelphia area in 1982 with various bands and singer songwriters. He has released many albums with artists such as Percy Jones, Markus Reuter, Michael Manring, Scott McGill, Michael Bernier, Tony Levin and many others! 2009 he found the world of modular synthesizers and his music hasn’t been the same since. Today he is combining drums, electronic percussion and synthesizers to present music that takes you on a journey like no other you’ve experienced.

    Taji Nahl is an American; Philadelphia based interdisciplinary conceptual audio/ visual artist & composer. TR7’s vocabulary delves into social commentary via historical & futurist aesthetic. Installation, video, soundesign, sculptures, essays, are utilities that embodies poetic & abstract narrative for his oeuvre. TR7’S sonic exploration travels from drone, noise, free jazz & experimental hip hop traditions

    The Cowboys From Uranus are: Bruce Leitch (Hopalong Horus Heisenberg/ the Drugalos) makes sounds and noise with various electric and electronic instruments.and“Bucky Asahara” aka john whitney jr improvised vocalizations hydrophone and percussion. Their newly formed duo iIs inspired by dadaism and experimental music.

    The Event Horizon concert series features Electronic, Avant Garde, and Experimental music along with the work of live video projection artists. The concerts are always free and open to all.

    Admission is always free; There will be a donation bucket at this event, for Razom for Ukraine. Donations are appreciated but not required. 

  • 6:00 PMOnline! Free Workshop! Budgeting + Finances for Artists with River Nice
  • Thumb vdamay2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Facilitated by River Nice of Be Intentional Financial.A financial overview for artists tailored for the needs and interests of those attending

    Possible topics for this workshop can include:

    Budgeting, credit scores, and debt managementPlanning for your goals and building an emergency fundSelf-employment, workplace benefits, and insurance overviews

    Meet your facilitator:

    River Nice (they/them) is the owner and financial planner of Be Intentional Financial, a remote financial planning firm based out of Philadelphia, PA, that primarily serves individuals and families in the LGBTQ community.

    Registration is required in order to receive the Zoom link. Please register HERE
  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Secret Cinema: 1965 British mod/pop/heist film DATELINE DIAMONDS on 16mm
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    Secret Cinema: 1965 British mod/pop/heist film DATELINE DIAMONDS

    The Secret Cinema will return to The Rotunda on Thursday, May 12 to present the little seen 1965 British feature DATELINE DIAMONDS. It's a quickly-paced, offbeat thriller about a jewel heist, set against a backdrop of the then headline-making phenomenon of pirate pop radio broadcasting -- and with appearances and performances of the Small Faces, Kiki Dee, and other Swinging London personalities.

    Also shown will be surprise short subjects.

    There will be one complete show at 8:00 pm. Admission is free. Masking and contact tracing enforced. Seating is limited.

    All Secret Cinema presentations are projected in 16mm film on a giant screen (not video).

    This screening is part of The Rotunda's ongoing "Bright Bulb Screening Series," which offers free movies on the second Thursday of every month, throughout the year.

    Dateline Diamonds (1965, Dir: Jeremy Summers)

    The British Invasion, as spearheaded by the Beatles, made "Swinging London" the epicenter of mid-1960s rock 'n' roll. Yet from listening to staid BBC radio at the time, one would hardly be aware of this exciting cultural explosion. Pirate radio to the rescue! A few crafty entrepreneurs realized that they could skirt the Beeb's broadcasting monopoly and provide some timely competition by airing new, youth-oriented radio from ships anchored just outside the international waters boundary. Radio Caroline and Radio London were an instant sensation, listened to by thousands of pop-starved kids…until a change in regulations closed the legal loophole that allowed this phenomenon to thrive for three years. And that's the background against which someone decided to set a quickie programmer b-movie about a jewel heist.

    The plot is simple -- a pop band manager with a troubled past is blackmailed into taking stolen gems hidden inside a demo tape box to the radio station's ship, where they await transport to their next stop. But the music-themed backdrop allows for some fascinating cameos…the group the manager handles is none other than the Small Faces, the original (and reportedly most authentic) "mod" band, who appear and perform songs both on and off screen (in their earliest form, before Ian MacLagen replaced Jimmy Winston). Also showcased is stylish songbird Kiki Dee, best known in this country for her 1976 comeback duet with Elton John, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," but a prolific singer of Motown-esque discs since 1963. Also on hand are Brit girl group the Chantelles, Rey Anton and the Pro Form, who made a few collectible records, and Mark Richardson (about whom I can find no information!). The MV Galaxy, the ship used by the real Radio London for their offshore broadcasts, is used in the film for exterior shots, and there were cameos for several Radio London staffers and d.j.'s, most notably Kenny Everett, who enjoyed a long career in British radio and television. Director Jeremy Summers made the Gerry and the Pacemakers vehicle FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY the same year, and later helmed action films like THE VENGEANCE OF FU MANCHU and worked on several genre television series, such as SECRET AGENT, THE SAINT, MAN IN A SUITCASE and JASON KING.


  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Clavius Productions presents an evening of guitar composition, songwriting and balladry w/ DC's Jon Camp, Melbourne/Berlin's Ned Collette and Philly's Shaina Kapeluck.
  • 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM The curators of this event will require proof of vaccination at the door. Please present your CDC vaccination card or a legible photo of it on your phone. Clavius Productions presents an evening of guitar composition, songwriting and balladry at the beautiful Rotunda with DC's Jon Camp, Melbourne/Berlin's Ned Collette and Philly's Shaina Kapeluck.Jon Camp: a fingerstyle guitarist and composer from the Washington, DC region. In both ensemble and solo settings, Jon blends drone, twang, and melody into a cohesive whole that is exploratory without forsaking the hook. Of Jon's 2019 release Headwinds & Tailwinds, writer Byron Coley said that it was fluent "in a wide variety of styles, from American Primitive to avant. Ace small group dynamism." Jon's self-titled forthcoming release is out in May via Centripetal Force. He will be accompanied by Scott Verrastro (Kohoutek/Bardo Pond/Heavy Lidders) on percussion. Collette: a singer and songwriter whose literate, evocative songs are paired with music that's both adventurous and eclectic, Ned Collette was born in Carlton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, on September 6, 1979. Collette grew up learning the power of both music and words -- his father was an operatic baritone before becoming director of a respected Australian opera company, while his mother was a writer who also taught college-level English. Collette attended Melbourne's Victorian College of the Arts, where he received degrees in modern composition and improvisation in 2001. While attending college, Collette helped form City City City, an experimental rock band which fused improvisation with pop melodic structures; the band would tour extensively in Australia and New Zealand and release two albums, 2004's Dawn and The Blue Light District, and 2005's The Perimeter Motor Show, before splitting up in 2006. Collette wasted no time establishing himself as a solo artist, releasing his debut album, Jokes and Trials, in the summer of 2006. The album earned enthusiastic reviews and comparisons to Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake, and after tours with Joanna Newsom, the National, and Bill Callahan, Collette returned with a second album in the fall of 2007, Future Suture, which focused less on first-person confessional tales and more on storytelling; the album also coincided with Collette's decision to relocate to Scotland. Collette began giving his backing musicians equal billing with 2009's Over the Stones, Under the Stars, with his collaborators Ben Bourke (bass and harmonies) and Joe Talia (percussion and vocals) credited as Wirewalker. While touring in support of Over the Stones, Collette played several shows in Berlin and found he enjoyed life in the city; he left Glasgow for Berlin, and began writing songs for his next album. Collette still lives in Berlin and is currently touring in support of his excellent new album on Feeding Tube. Kapeluck: Longtime ballad singer and song collector Shaina Kapeluck, also one of the principal songwriters of experimental chamber-pop quartet Tadzio, will be singing an intimate set of new songs soon to be on the upcoming record as well as some choice ballads from both sides of the Atlantic.Admission is FREE. Masking and contact tracing enforced. The curators of this event will require proof of vaccination at the door. Please present your CDC vaccination card or a legible photo of it on your phone. 
  • 1:00 PMIn-person! CREATORSFEST 22 PT. 1
  • Thumb creatorsfest2may2022 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    “CREATORSFEST 22’” PT. 1

    MAY 14TH — 1-7PM












  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Arthur Brooks Ensemble V & Amirtha Kidambi/Matteo Liberatore duo pres, by Fire Museum and Clavius Productions
  • Thumb may152022 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM THE CURATORS OF THIS EVENT REQUIRE THAT EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION AT THE DOOR. MASKING AND CONTACT TRACING ENFORCED. SEATING IS LIMITED FOR PURPOSES OF SOCIAL DISTANCING, ADVANCED REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (link at the “Buy tickets” button).Co-presented with Clavius Productions.Arthur Brooks Ensemble V:Trumpeter-composer ARTHUR BROOKS (trumpet, flugelhorn ) is one of the unsung heroes of the new music. In his 40+ year career he has collaborated with such legendary figures as Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, Sonny Sharrock, Alan Silva, and Frank Wright among others. For over 20 years he taught alongside Dixon in the Black Music Division at Bennington College. Brooks founded Ensemble V at Bennington College in 1973 and the music has continued to evolve. Though Brooks is technically the leader and creator — or perhaps curator — of Ensemble V, he emphasizes that the band is a democracy. “Everybody’s a leader. And everybody has big ears. We find ourselves in areas that I would like to take home and develop and write, but I wouldn’t want to limit what we’re going to do.” For this performance, he’ll be joined by Jeremy Harlos – bass; Anthony Santor – singing bowls and Matt Weston – percussion.Amirtha Kidambi & Matteo Liberatore:Amirtha Kidambi – VoiceMatteo Liberatore – GuitarAmirtha Kidambi and Matteo Liberatore’s duo of voice and guitar creates improvised aural landscapes that are glacial and highly evocative, unfurling through dynamic gestures that are at once spacious and restrained. Juxtaposed against the frenetic pace characteristic of the New York improv scene, the pair applies the compositional aesthetics of Feldman or Oliveros to a free environment. The project is set apart from Kidambi’s work with Lea Bertucci, Mary Halvorson or Elder Ones and Liberatore’s collaborations with musicians including Elliott Sharp, Mark Kelley and Catherine Sikora. Each piece explores the unique possibility space created by the union of voice and guitar, delving deep into specific permutations including registral extremes, detuning and quiet mouth sounds, all without the use of processing.While Kidambi and Liberatore come from radically different backgrounds, they draw from universal sonic signifiers, like the ringing of the bell at a Hindu temple threshold or the echo of church bells across the piazza of a small Italian town, invocations to prayer and reflection. The duo’s interactions simmer beneath an anti-climax, begging the listener to observe one’s surroundings, turn inward, and confront the self.links at: Admission is FREE but seating is limited so registration is strongly recommended. Please register HERE
  • 8:00 PMIn-person! Bowerbird presents JJJJJerome Ellis
  • Thumb bowerbird jeromelewis 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

    Bowerbird presents JJJJJerome EllisMusician JJJJJerome Ellis will present a concert of improvised music.ABOUT THE MUSICIANJJJJJerome Ellis is a Black stuttering animal who plays with sounds, syllables, and his body. He lives and gardens in Norfolk, VA.

    This is an “in person” event. Bowerbird is requiring all those attending to show proof of COVID 19 vaccination status (vaccination card or legible photo on your smartphone, plus photo ID) and wear a mask during the entirety of the event. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Capacity will be limited – advanced registration is strongly encouraged.

    Admission is FREE but donations are appreciated. Please register at

  • 2:00 PMIn-person! Vocalists Workshop: Get Your Questions Answered & Sing with Ella Gahnt
  • Thumb ellagahnt 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Vocalists Workshop: Get Your Questions Answered & Sing is a free interactive educational vocal workshop organized by The Women's Coalition for Empowerment, Inc, moderated by "Philly's Class Act" Ella Gahnt and her Trio. Participants may select songs of their choice, have the opportunity to perform with a live professional band, and receive constructive feedback on performance, voice use, and band direction. This event is free open to the public with online registration. We will adhere to all COVID precautions and safety regulations.

    No Vendor Inquiries

    Registration required. Please register HERE

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